OXFORD City Stars’ board are aiming to put Oxford on the ice hockey map nationally.

As part of an interview with the Oxford Mail to outline their goals for 2018, the club revealed ambitious plans to make their mark on a wider scale.

Director Greig Box Turnbull, said: “We are planning on multiple levels, the short, medium and long term.

“In the short term, we are focused on delivering great matchday experiences for fans, supporting the coaching staff and players to give them the best possible platform to deliver, as well as engaging with community partners and sponsors to help develop the club.

“Alongside this, we are planning for next season and the next three to five years. By mapping out our ambitions now we can ensure our decision making is always strategic.

“We are determined to compete at the next level, but this will require a considerably higher budget, so as a board we need to make sure we have a strong commercial plan in place to support growth.

“In the long term, we want to host top-level ice hockey in a new arena in the heart of Oxford, continue to produce home-grown players and deliver engaging community programmes.

“It will take considerable support from key partners to achieve some of our bigger ambitions.

“We are committed to taking the club as far as we can, but also realistic – it has to be done in a sustainable manner.”

Fellow director Russell Shrives added: “We have a lot of active conversations taking place that are very exciting, with schools and businesses in Oxfordshire, which should bode well for the future.

“We are committed to ensuring the Stars are a big part of the Oxfordshire community and we are very proud to represent Oxford.

“Overtime we want to place Oxford on the ice hockey map nationally – as a progressive, destination club.”

Director James Schall, said: “It will take time to grow the club, but there is a groundswell behind us now and it’s a special place to be.

“We need Oxfordshire businesses and councils to continue to buy in to what we are doing as a club and support us in our ambition to provide more sports participation, community programmes and youth development.

“In time we’d like to play in a new rink that can really help take us to the next level, which will require multiple stakeholders working together to deliver the first-class facilities this city deserves.”