IMOGEN Hooper scored four goals as Didcot Casuals recorded a 6-0 win at home to Harwell & Hendred in the Oxford Mail Girls League.

Melissa Lee and Bethany Davies were also on target in the Under 13 encounter.

Sara Pinna’s hat-trick helped Kennington Athletic record a 5-1 home victory against Stonesfield Strikers.

Renee Richards chipped in with a brace, while Lara Richards replied.

Ellie White scored the only goal of the game as Harwell & Hendred earned a 1-0 win at Crowmarsh in the Under 15 League.



Didcot Tn 1 (Amelia Stock), Summertown Stars 3 (Sophie Rothwell 2, Maisee Simms).

Hinksey Pk Lionesses 3 (Cecily Wellesley-Smith 2, Saralynn Culpepper), Witney Vikings Hornets 1 (Freya White).

Mansfield Rd Jun 2 (Caitlin Burke, Natasha Burke), Easington Spts 0.

Oxford Blackbird 2 (Anaya Gray, Cherneil Wright), Kidlington 1 (Ellie Judd).

Quarry Rov 1 (Maya Harvey), Launton 0.


Barton Utd 2 (Erin Clare, Keira Ghee), Chalgrove Cav 0.

Didcot Casuals 6 (Imogen Hooper 4, Melissa Lee, Bethany Davies), Harwell & Hendred 0.

Kennington Ath 5 (Sara Pinna 3, Renee Richards 2), Stonesfield Strikers 1 (Lara Richards).


Cumnor Min 3 (Izzy Todeschini 2, Ruby Herring), Crowmarsh 0.

Under 14

Hook Norton Jun 2 (Nayah Aitken, Jasmin Blake), Hinksey Pk Lionesses 1 (Isabella Winnifrith).


Crowmarsh 0, Harwell & Hendred 1 (Ellie White).

Kidlington 1 (Leschea Guiste), Grove Challengers 1 (Cara Kerby).


Under 12: Banbury Irish Assoc Harps v Kidlington, Chesterton v Quarry Rov, Didcot Tn v Mansfield Rd Jun, Easington Spts v Witney Vikings Hornets, Launton v Oxford Blackbird, Summertown Stars v Hinksey Pk Lionesses.

Under 13: Barton Utd v Kennington Ath, Chalgrove Cav v Didcot Casuals, Cumnor Min v Tower Hill Vixens, Kidlington v Summertown Stars White.

Under 14: Hinksey Pk Lionesses v Launton, Kidlington v Chesterton, Quarry Rov v Summertown Stars, Wantage Tn v Oxford City.

Under 15: Abingdon v Kidlington, Charlbury Tn v Tower Hill Vixens, Grove Challengers v Crowmarsh, Harwell & Hendred v Hinksey Pk Lionesses.

Under 16: Abingdon v Barton Utd, Kidlington v Oxford City, Stonesfield Strikers v Carterton, Summertown Stars v Launton.