WHEN Stoke’s Charlie Adam’s spectacular goal went in against Chelsea on Saturday I was left gobsmacked like most of the millions of viewers watching around the world.

The post-game analysis had Sky pundit, and my former gaffer Glenn Hoddle, calling it goal of the century.

They started comparing it to other goals scored from the halfway line over the years, with David Beckham’s against Wimbledon and Wayne Rooney’s volley against West Ham amongst the competition.

I’m sure many Oxford United fans were like me and straight away thought of another Scot – Peter Leven’s goal against Port Vale at the Kassam Stadium in October 2011.

What a goal it was and deserved to be mentioned in that list.

For obvious reasons it wasn’t – it was done in the bottom tier of English football and wasn’t against a world-class keeper.

Nevertheless, my former teammate’s technique and speed of thought was right up there with the best.

That’s no exaggeration and his goal proved it.

  • Watch Peter Leven's long-range strike

What made the goal so sweet was that Port Vale keeper Stuart Tomlinson was mouthing off to us in the tunnel before we came out.

He made individual digs too, with Andy Whing and myself being targets.

I had a pre-game ritual where I didn’t put my shirt on until I came out of the tunnel.

I was standing shirtless in the tunnel and had done this for my whole career, I don’t know why and how it started.

Tomlinson was shouting out things like ‘fatty’, ‘old man’ ‘put it away’, etc.

It wasn’t to my face, but he was shouting it out loud and being very vocal.

Funnily enough, Tomlinson has since quit professional football and is now a wrestler in the WWE, so maybe he was just practicing his pre-fight promos.

Before the game, we already knew what he was like so ignored him in the tunnel and to a man we were focused, even the usually easily-distracted Simon Heslop was paying him no attention.

In a pre-game huddle after our warm-up, skipper Jake Wright gave one his best talks and basically said ‘let’s shut this keeper up’.

I do remember us being a highly-motivated team with a thirst for a victory over this bigtime Charlie keeper.

With the score at 1-1, enter Peter Leven and his wand of a left foot.

Winning the ball in his own half, he looked up and spotted an opportunity from 45 yards.

It was a brilliant strike and it was made even sweeter when you watched the flight of the ball.

The weight of the shot was perfect as it teased the keeper enough to think he had a chance of stopping it.

When the goal went in we all came together around Levs and there was another mini team huddle.

I remember Jake and Simon Heslop breaking out of the huddle to shout some words towards the keeper.

We saw the game out and came away with a 2-1 win.

Watching Tomlinson having to eat humble pie after the game was brilliant and most satisfying.

I can’t remember if he shook hands with everyone – and if he didn’t, it wasn’t because we didn’t want to.

The goal was voted Mitre League Two Goal of the Year and deservedly so.

Oxford fans will be best qualified as to how it ranks amongst all-time best United goals, but it was the best from my time at the club by far.

In fact, I think it’s one of the best I have seen in a game I played in at any level – and I have seen a few special ones.