KIDLINGTON have applied to join the OCA League for the 2009 season.

The club, who left the OCA League in 1999 as Division 1 champions, were booted out of The Oxford Times Cherwell League last week after member clubs voted 27-10 in favour of their expulsion because of a number of high-profile disciplinary issues.

And now the OCA League have issued a circular to all member clubs for their opinions on admitting Kidlington back into the league.

Their application could prove difficult, as the OCA League have already formatted their 11 divisions and drawn up fixture lists.

In the letter to clubs, the OCA League have asked for opinions, and have included a voting form to specify whether they are in favour or against the proposal.

The letter outlines the reasons why Kidlington were kicked out of the Cherwell League, namely proven cases of cheating, fielding players under false names, fielding ineligible players and accusations of bringing the game into disrepute.

While the OCA believe that Kidlington have reportedly addressed some of the issues, their committee believe the decision should involve member clubs.

Kidlington officials have indicated their willingness to appear before the executive of the OCA League to answer any questions.

It would also appear that accepting Kidlington’s application be be in contravention of the OCA League’s own constitution, which states that new applications should be received by July 1 the previous season.

It may also have an impact on the promotion and relegation issues from the 2008 season, as well as the 2009 cup competitions, which could prove to be another stumbling block.

However, the OCA have also asked clubs to consider that Kidlington have a large youth section and have stressed that any decision taken will not put the welfare of current clubs in jeopardy.