Oxford City athlete, Nathan Douglas was happy with his display after qualifing comfortably for Saturday’s triple jump final, writes Stuart Weir.

His opening leap of 16.27 was sufficient to leave him in seventh place of 12 qualifiers from the field of 19. He fouled his second jump and passed his third.

Douglas, competing in  his third Commonwealth Games, having been fourth in Delhi 2010, said: “It was good. Job done. In qualifying, you can’t win anything but you can lose everything.

"I just wanted to do the bare minimum to get through.

"After the first round we thought that 16.27 would be enough but I was keen to put it out there with a bigger jump.

"Unfortunately I fouled. For my third jump, I waited until the last minute. I was sixth and we thought that should be ok - and it was.

"I’m in good nick. I have been healthy for a while – something I really needed.

"I have a lot of competitions under my belt so is just a question of going out there, competing, enjoying the occasion and letting rip.

"There is definitely a big jump in there, it’s just a case of catching it. I think I will need a 17 metre jump to win. There are others who can do that but let’s see what happens."

This was not a high level triple jump competition with Yordanys Duranona Garcia leading the qualifiers with 16.75 and the qualifying mark needed for the final only 15.98, but Douglas did what he needed.