NATHAN Douglas is hoping to build on an injury-free season as he continues his early preparations for a potentially busy 2018.

The Oxford City AC triple jumper returned to training at his Birmingham base earlier this month.

Douglas received a big boost on Wednesday, when he was included in the 75-strong England team for next April’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia.

It is one of three major events in 2018, alongside the IAAF World Indoor Championships and the European Championships.

With a place at his third Commonwealth Games secured, thanks to jumping the standard of 16.80m in August, Douglas, whose career has been hampered by a multitude of injuries, has a target to set his sights on.

And, although, he missed out on qualifying for this year’s IAAF World Championships, the 34-year-old believes he has a good platform to build on after a clean bill of health in 2017.

Douglas said: “That’s the thing, once you’ve qualified, the box is ticked.

“It’s almost a tick boxes exercise, you can focus on the championships.

“Last season, I came away from it fairly satisfied.

“I was disappointed not to make the World Championships, but I got a whole season through fit and healthy.

“I suppose I’m quite happy with last season.”

He added: “This is my first month back in training.

“This time of year is slog work, getting yourself strong and powerful, and over the next month or so I will start track work.”

l HEADINGTON Road Runners duo James Eve and Christopher Dettmar impressed at the Abingdon Marathon, finishing sixth and seventh respectively.

Peter Akrill led the way for the host club, crossing 43rd in a personal best of 2hrs 54mins 51secs – the first time he has been under three hours.

Tom Charles, of Trafford AC, won in a course record of 2.29.29.

Headington’s Edwina McDowell was the second female runner home, when coming 55th.

There was also a successful Guinness World Record attempt.

Former Headington Road Runner Jessica Bruce completed the route with her two children in a double pushchair in an impressive time of 3.22.05.

l OXFORD City battled strong winds at the Southern Cross Country Relay Championships at Wormwood Scrubs.

Strong runs from Maxwell Robinson and Will Gardner saw the A team lie second after two legs.

Several clubs were in close contention, resulting in City finishing seventh overall.

Their B team were close behind in 11th, and first in the category.


(senior men unless stated)


Abingdon: 43 P Akrill (V40) 2.54.51pb, 76 T Coney (V40) 2.58.35, 98 G Wood 3.02.08, 120 J Clayton 3.04.45pb, 171 M Livingstone-Learmonth (V40) 3.11.17, 213 C MacLennan (V40) 3.15.25, 247 S Dudgeon (LV35) 3.18.49, 252 A Muir (V40) 3.18.42pb, 339 M Brooks (V40) 3.30.46, 354 D Morgan (V40) 3.31.14pb, 379 T Clarke (V40) 3.34.43, 620 J Newton (V40) 4.09.00pb, 626 O Meadows (LV45) 4.11.03, 749 B Hedges 5.06.18.

Didcot Runners: 142 T Wise 3.07.27, 349 R Sharp (V50) 3.31.22, 462 E Naughton 3.44.44, 623 A Watatsuki 4.10.22, 664 N Francis (V60) 4.19.41.

Headington RR: 6 J Eve (V40) 2.36.44, 7 C Dettmar (V40) 2.38.30, 55 E McDowall (LV45) 2.56.47, 56 M Pearce 2.56.57, 65 H Geddes 2.57.38, 180 J Fenning 3.11.56, 255 S Bishop (V50) 3.20.21, 257 R Treadwell (V40) 3.20.33, 325 S Khan (V40) 3.29.17, 328 C Turnbull 3.29.57, 486 A Smith 3.48.36, 579 J Howick (V40) 4.00.27, 651 P Lister (V60) 4.17.24, 703 K King (LV35) 4.36.01, 704 E Smith (LV35) 4.36.01, 705 A Pound (V40) 4.36.02.

White Horse Harriers: 166 M Lane (V40) 3.10.09, 179 I Lambourn (V50) 3.11.25, 226 M Beales 3.16.53, 314 R Bennett (LV45) 3.27.17, 613 J Hall (SL) 4.07.31, 657 R Gilmour (V50) 4.18.10.

Witney RR: 169 F Snare (SL) 3.11.13, 266 A Leary 3.21.39, 303 W Downey 3.25.53, 313 C Gibbin (V40) 3.27.16pb, 412 L Smith (LV35) 3.39.44, 427 L Harris (LV45) 3.41.50pb, 634 I Smith (LV35) 4.13.35, 679 P Rushby (V50) 4.26.35pb.


Oxford City: 7 A team 58.27 (M Robinson 14.25, W Gardner 14.25, M Rallison 14.47, D Blake 14.50). 11 B team 1.0.44 (S Fisher 15.01, E Gault 15.13, M Tyrrell 15.23, T Jones 15.07).


Abingdon: 2000 P Brown (V40) 1.17.58, 14142 H Linford (LV45) 2.00.27.

Witney RR: 5436 D Marshall-Thomas 1.29.40pb.


Witney RR: 204 R Green 1.34.04 BLENHEIM ROTARY 10KM Witney RR: 5 A Lock (1st V50) 38.24, 25 J Clark 42:47, 26 M Lock 42.50, 29 G Ferris (V50) 43.40, 34 D May 44.28, 45 C Miles 46.41, 51 V Munday (SL) 47.49, 56 J Hewlett (SL) 48.14, 58 C Bailey 48.28, 157 S Reeve (LV45) 57.19.


Witney RR: 40 M Lock 45.34, 50 R Green (V50) 47.14, 120 J Hewlett (SL) 51.47, 129 L Holland (LV40) 52.26, 218 J McCormac (V60) 60.01.


Witney RR: 28 T Clarke (V45) 21.13, 29 T Burkett (2nd V50-54) 21.14, 35 G Le Good (1st V65) 21.29, 61 S Howard (LV40) 22.44, 106 H Howard (1st JL11) 25.08, 172 J Le Good (2nd LV60) 27.23, 173 S Green (SL30) 27.23, 214 D Burkett (3rd LV55) 29.17, 215 E Howard (3rd JL15) 29.18, 229 I Fowler (V50) 30.09, 322 M Lock (S18) 46.06.


Witney RR: 9 T Garrod (1st V50) 19.49, 31 L Garrod (1st LV50) 23.03.


Witney RR: 74 H Noons (SL20) 26.46.


Witney RR: 1 S Upton (S25) 17.37pb, 119 J Horsman (SL25) 32.54.


Witney RR: 11 C Hudson (3rd J10) 9.14, 24 P Hudson (3rd JL11) 10.18.