Oxford City & County’s Katherine Hawes bids for a 12th Oxfordshire ladies’ singles title when she faces Banbury Central’s Stella Amos in the final at Oxford City & County on Saturday (10am).

Hawes also features in the City & County sides, who are in the fours and pairs finals.

She skips a rink consisting of Myra Lewis , Donna Knight and Gail Gilkes against Banbury Central’s Carole Galletly, Helen Young, Stella Amos and Caroline Campion in the fours decider at 2pm.

Hawes and Knight then team up on Sunday (10am) in a bid for a hat-trick of pairs titles against Galletly and Campion.



Two wood singles final (10am): J Gray (Oxford City & County) v M Cox (Banbury Central). Saturday Singles final (10am): K Hawes (Oxford City & County) v S Amos (Banbury Central).

Gwen Steele Trophy semi-finals (10am): E Gilkes (Watlington) v H Robinson (Shiplake), C Soden (Watlington) v G Muir (Carterton).

Under 25 singles final  (10am): A Stone (Oxford City & County) v K Glenn (Oxford City & County).

Eileen Hopkins unbadged pairs semi-finals (10am): S Wase & C Purnell (Banbury Chestnuts) v S Simpson & M Barnes (Witney Town), M Dupreez & M Boynton (Thame) v L Price & W Rossiter (Headington).

Fours final (2pm): C Galletly, H Young, S Amos & C Campion (Banbury Central) v M Lewis, D Knight, G Gilkes & K Hawes (Oxford City & County).

Gwen Steele Trophy final (2pm): E Gilkes or H Robinson v C Soden or G Muir.

Eileen Hopkins Unbadged Pairs final (2pm): Wase & Purnell or Simpson & Barnes v Dupreez & Boynton or Price & Rossiter.


Pairs final (10am): C Galletly & C Campion (Banbury Central) v K Hawes & D Knight (Oxford City & County).

Triples final (10am): C Galletly, S Amos & C Campion (Banbury Central) v M Morris, C Walker & A Ives (Banbury Borough).