Oxfordshire got back to winning ways in the Home Counties League, running out 136-105 victors against Middlesex, and taking 19 points from the available 22.

They now face Bucks at Thame on September 1 in the final game of the campaign, where a win will guarantee them the title Oxon 136 (19pts), Middlesex 105 (3) (Oxon rinks first) Rink 1: K Holloway, C Miles, I Henwood, R Redford 24; D Barnicoat, D Crudgington, A Harman, P Fuller 17.

Rink 2: B May, G Hooker, C Earl, A Ley 23; R Smith, M O’Grady, E Prior, E Rudston 24.

Rink 3: S Tolhurst, M Gleeson, I Whelpton, M Petersen 26; M Kopp, B Fearne, B Elbourn, P Sutcliffe 17.

Rink 4: J Bland, P Comley, N Lewis , M Charlett 17; D Pitt, B Short, P Huggett, A Knott 17.

Rink 5: S Watts, R Clanfield, J Hardie, C Carpenter 22; R Fortune, D Todd, T Doe, T Waller 15.

Rink 6: A Kemish, A McIntyre, M Andrew, M Sykes 24; D Hards, D Parrott, C Hill, B Bass 15.

  • l OXFORDSHIRE defeated Hertfordshire 140-102 in a friendly at Baldock Town BC.

Oxfordshire 140, Hertfordshire 102 (Oxon rinks first) Rink 1: P Brittin, P Demczak, C Miles, B Gilkes 23; S Lawton, R Baines, S Stamp, B Todd 13.

Rink 2: R Green, K Mobley, D Allin, I Whelpton 28; B Leadley, R Smale, R Cracknell, J Thompson 19.

Rink 3: V Webb, J Timms, G Weedon, J O’Shea 25; N Kingsbury, R Barnard, P Hovard, D Fox 14.

Rink 4: M Clarke, M Jones, R Bull, A Ley 28; R Evans, G Porter, M Wood, M Farron 16.

Rink 5: B Bloomfield, J Stephens, L Lewis, M Petersen 24; D Marr, B Mayes, R Collins, M Wintrip 11.

Rink 6: T B-Holst, T Gripe, D Wedge, A Hall 12; P Vidoy, J Hurley, B Karn, J Simmons 29.