Oxfordshire marched on in the English Short Mat Bowling Association’s Inter-County Championship Premier Knockout with a 21-19 win over Somerset in the quarter-final at Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton.

Oxon triumphed 179-170 on shots and now face Essex in the semi-finals at the same venue on Sunday.

Lynn Orlando, Gareth Davies and Roger Wiggins won their triples 14-10 and 13-7.

And Julian Bradbury, Martin Davies, Michael Keevil and Denis Wilson shone in the fours with 10-4 and 13-3 wins.


Singles: AJ Brown won 12-9 & lost 13-10; D Hancock won 18-8 & lost 20-10.

Pairs: G Cross & D Wiggins lost 12-10 & won 17-13; M Davies & B Barnard won 18-8 & lost 15-9.

Triples: A Sirett, N Pratley & Chris Hasker lost 11-10 & 9-8; L Orlando, G Davies & R Wiggins won 14-10 & 13-7 Fours: L Hancock, T Mills, N Cole & L Woodward lost 13-5 & 15-2; J Bradbury, M Davies, M Keevil & D Wilson won 10-4 & 13-3.

OXFORDSHIRE’S Roger Wiggins has been selected to represent England in the World Championships in Ireland.

The Wootton bowler will skip a four at the event on March 24 and 25.



Wallingford Regals 19 (2pts), Didcot Barn Owls 21 (6)

1st leg: Wallingford Regals (E Pilgrim, S Gallagher, D Sirett, E Hasker) 5, Didcot Barn Owls (P Moore, M Cole, M Davies, K Dickson) 13.

2nd leg: Wallingford Regals (S Hasker, P Biggs, A Sirett, C Hasker) 14, Didcot Barn Owls (B Hooker, J Cole, N Davies, N Cole) 8.

Wallingford Royals 19 (6), Harwell Hares 18 (2)

1st leg: Wallingford Royals (B Luscombe, M Weller, E Knight, C Robbins) 11, Harwell Hares (B Kenward, J Huckell, D Kenward, J Rostagni) 12.

2nd leg: Wallingford Royals (P Keevil, H Keevil, R Knight, M Keevil) 8, Harwell Hares (V Thornhill, J Gibbons, P Tait, F Clark) 6.