STEVE Naylor and Frances Briscoe head up Oxfordshire’s teams chosen for the Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships at Cofton Park, Birmingham, on March 10.

Oxon have nine runners in the senior men’s and women’s races, with the top six finishers to count for the team scorers.


Senior men: 1 S Naylor (Bedford & County), P Fernandez (Abingdon), O Ellis (Abingdon), S Male (Oxford City), D Bellinger (Oxford City), A Jones (Enfield), L Newell (Abingdon), N Marley (Coventry), J Eve (Headington). Res: J Richardson (Oxford City), M Bishop (Thames HH), P Jegou (White Horse), J Bolton (Woodstock), E Phillips (Serpentine), T Doole (Headington).

Under 20 men: J Cornish (White Horse), D Moseley (Woodstock), J Humphreys (Radley), R Meredith (Oxford City), A Holmes (White Horse), A Mills (White Horse), G Ramsay (Magdalen College School), J Sandberg (Magdalen College School). Res: A Duff (Abingdon School), L Terry (Abingdon).

Under 17 boys: C Hewitt (Radley), B Upjohn (Oxford City), M Marshall (Oxford City), S Marshall (White Horse), O Stepney (Abingdon), A Vessey (Abingdon), J Tack (Oxford City), L Dorman (Banbury). Res: J Bowness (Magdalen College School), M Lomas (White Horse), T Fabes (Abingdon). Under 15 boys: C Von Eitzen (Radley), J Currah (Witney), N Jones (Oxford City), M Fabes (Abingdon), G Mills (Magdalen College School), C Miller (Radley), J Godwood (Witney), T Stephens (Magdalen College School). Res: W Sweetenham (Magdalen College School), J Dallimore (Radley). Under 13 boys: J Mitchell (St Hughs), J Hancox (Radley), D Stokell (Radley), I Brown (St Hughs), O Onay (White Horse), C Rowe (Radley), R Crowther (Oxford City), G Kelling (Banbury). Res: J Traynor (Abingdon), T Butcher (Abingdon), J Renk (Bicester), T Gould (Bicester). Senior ladies: 1 F Briscoe (Coventry), C Bishop (Liverpool), C Harris (Headington), S Davies (Oxford City), C Abesser (Headington), J Webb (Woodstock), C Bradley (Banbury), A Edwards (Headington), R Kelling (Banbury). Res: L Barklie (Abingdon), N Gomm (Witney), L Fairweather (Oxford Brookes), K Smith (Witney).

Under 20 ladies: M Hawtin (Oxford City), G Bridge (Radley), J Walker (Oxford City), A Brooker (Oxford City), B Pull (Banbury), E Lambert (Witney), E Burns (Oxford City).

Under 17 girls: L Hawtin (Oxford City), S Lloyd (White Horse), C McMillan (Banbury), C Parker (Abingdon), H Papworth (Oxford City), B Hodgson (White Horse), C Fabes (Abingdon), E Walsh (Abingdon). Res: K Munday (Oxford City).

Under 15 girls: B Hawtin (Oxford), S Sunderland (Oxford City), M Humphreys (Radley), J Harrison (White Horse), E Evans (Oxford City), D White (Radley), E Davies (Radley), H Bristow (Radley). Res: M Tunstall (Cherwell), G Harvey (Abingdon), B Meadowcroft (Headington).

Under 13 girls: F Bunn (Abingdon), F Insley (Radley), A Simpson (Radley), J Upjohn (Oxford City), J Wells-Gray (Abingdon), V Tilling (Abingdon), I Rodriguez (Oxford City), F Rowe (Radley). Res: C Ridewood (Oxford City), L Dorman (Banbury), F Brew (Radley), C Huxley (Oxford City).