OXFORD United defender Liam Davis is relishing being among the goals – but says that defending must come first, writes ED MEZZETTI.

Left back Davis has notched twice in his last four matches and is the only U’s defender to hit the back of the net this season.

But the former Northampton man says he and his colleagues are focused on keeping them out at the other end.

“Scoring goals is obviously a bonus because first and foremost I am a left back that can get forward,” said Davis, who netted a fine second at Barnet.

“It is good to chip in and help.

“I used to play on the left wing. I have been left back, left-wing back – I know the roles of attacking and defending.

“Attacking is definitely part of my game though.”

Only two United players – James Constable and Simon Heslop – have scored more goals than Davis this season, but he is not getting carried away.

“First and foremost, my job is to worry about trying to get clean sheets as a defender,” he said.

“As long as the team is winning and I am helping the team win, that’s the main thing.

“If I am stopping goals at one end or scoring goals at the other end, I will be happy both ways.

“I haven’t really got a target of goals. If the goals come, then they come.

“All the defenders are looking to get clean sheets. It is a good morale boost for the back four and good for the team if we are not conceding goals.”

Davis’s volleyed strike at Barnet came after a clever one-two with Peter Leven as the left-back explained.

“Me and Lev have been working quite well to be fair,” said Davis.

“He is an intelligent player, he spots people’s runs.

“I had a decent run into the box and he saw it. Obviously we hooked up pretty well. I hit the ball pretty well and it went in.”