Promoted Oxfordshire open their Riley’s British Inter Counties Championship Premier Division campaign again-st Kent at Tonbridge on Saturday and Sunday.

Included in the ladies’ A team for the tie at the 6 in1 Community Club is Fiona Carmichael, from the Rothschild’s Arms, Buckland, near Aylesbury.

She reached the semi-finals of the inaugural PDC Unicorn Women’s World Championships in Barnsley last year.

The men’s A includes Chris Aubrey, from the GWRSA Club, Didcot, and Kevin Lowe, from the Three Tuns.

Making their men’s B team debuts are Damien Kidd and Mark Leather (both Rothschild’s Arms) plus Eamon Lilly (Three Tuns).


Men’s A: R Anderson, C Aubrey, N Cobb, S Dutton (Vauxhall Kidlington), P Hall (GWRSA Club Didcot), J Jukes, P Krabben, K Lowe, J Palmer, K Shepherd, D Smith, K Wilkins (KW Flooring).

Men’s B: P Addison, D Kidd, A Larner, M Leather, E Lilly, G Manning (Sandvik Coro-mant), J Mulley, J Russell, L Russell, A Stevens, A Thomas (ACG Labels), S White.

Reserves: A Barrett, D Butler, S Foster, G Lewis, D Lockyer, N Russell, S Wright.

Ladies’ A: F Carmichael, D Hedman, L Jennings, L Jones, J Newman (Duke of Cumberlands Head), K Williams.

Ladies’ B: C Birch, S Cox, N Curzon, K Dutton, K Ledbury, B Manning.

Reserves: C Birch, D Lewis, S Wells.

OXFORDSHIRE Youth hold a practice, registration and trials day at Rileys, Oxford, on Sunday (4pm). Contact is Nigel Bower on 01865 873615 (home) or 07916 126686 (mobile).