Oxfordshire Ladies made it two wins from as many outings in the Mid England League with a 112-97 win over Gloucestershire at Whaddon BC, Cheltenham.

Oxon won on three of the six rinks for a 16-6 points success.

Gloucestershire 97 (6pts), Oxfordshire 112 (16) (Gloucs skips first): J Sheward 27, J Berry 15; C Winter Alsop 20, B Pearce 17; S Blackwell 15, P Ostler 21; P Marsh 10, C Campion 23; C Magee 16, D Jacob 14; T Griffin 9, K Hawes 22.

OXFORDSHIRE Ladies ran out 137-81 winners over Worcestershire in their first friendly at Gilt Edge BC, Kidderminster.

Worcestershire Ladies 81, Oxfordshire 137 (Worcs skips first): W Aldred 15, G Hunter 16; S Davies 16, B Pearce 26; A Case 10, C Campion 25; M Borthwick 11, C Penson 18; D Jackson 16, K Hawes 24; J Hemms 13, S Lacey 28.

OXFORDSHIRE Ladies Under 31s face a Hampshire junior rink at Cove on Sunday in preparation for the Amy Rose tournament at the national championships in Leamington Spa in August.

Women under the age of 31 from beginners onwards wishing to join the squad should contact Donna Grant on 07887986204 or email donnagrant@gmail.com.