This year’s Oxford Winter League starts tomorrow and 42 anglers took part in last week’s final practice on the Clifton Hampden and Dorchester sections of the Thames.

Richard Norris (Sensas A4) triumphed with 16.6.0 from the top end peg at Clifton, just below the bridge. He had roach to 12oz on the pole on maggot over groundbait.

John Beesley (Drennan GOT Baits) weighed in 15.12.0, the top weight on the Dorchester stretch, comprising 12 chub on maggot-feeder.

Third place went to Andy Silvey (Fox Match Isis) with 15.6.0 from the bottom end peg at Clifton. He caught roach and perch on maggot and worm on the pole.