Jolly Poacher, Oxford’s big hope for the Pall Mall, puts his unbeaten record at Cowley on the line in the opening heats on Thursday.


7.45: CANADIAN WILLIE, Ring The Chief, Dysert Misneach, Jell On Ben, Greencroft Honch, Jodys Pixie 3.

8.00: Greencroft Tomy, Black Axel, AGENT SHEARER, Tourna Burren, Bad Monkey, River Daddy.

8.15 (Pall Mall Ht 1): Ballymac Ace, GLENROE GINGER, Amazing Value, Ardbeg Mentor, Buzz Doc, Monleek Mayhem.

8.30 (Pall Mall Ht 2): Deanridge Ammo, Kish Pirate, JOLLY POACHER, Jesters Nap, Hillcross Orion, Stans Printer.

8.45 (Pall Mall Ht 3): Union Jak Jakson, Ten Large Down, NAMBISCO, King Lee, Give Mesome Luck, Paradise Miami.

9.00: Prima Ballerina, Bargain Key, Graigues Dream, NIGHTFIRE SAFIRE, Call It Betty, Vatpack Holly.

9.15 (Pall Mall Ht 4): Step On Lee, Roo Come On, Anagram, Jogadusc Ace, Jaytee Ray, MAGNA BUDDY.

9.30 (Pall Mall Ht 5): Lenson Duo, Judicial Pause, SLICK SHANE, Tearaway John, Blonde Button, Shams Star.

9.45 (Pall Mall Ht 6): DRINK UP ZORRO, Eye Onthe Brave, Fatboyz Ace, Love Knight, Millies Hawk, Greenacre Josh.

10.00: Rooskey Rascal, Lahana Jewel, BLACK GIZMO, Halfway Between, Frazers Lloyd, Scarlett Otara.

10.15: Orior Ben, PAWSEYS PRIDE, Flagstaff Law, Agent Jack, Tictac Gold, Blazeaway Apache.

10.30: Romily Flash, EDEN MAC, Stuck Up A Pipe, Roadstown Nimnum, Milton Campbell, Bodens Bridge.

Nap: Glenroe Ginger.