Oxford Hawks slumped to a demoralising 5-2 home defeat against London Wayfarers in Premier Division 2 of the South League.

Hawks could not complain at the outcome, although an appalling umpiring decision finally put the game beyond their reach.

They went behind to a breakaway goal gifted to the visitors by a lack of concentration.

Hawks rallied well and enjoyed a 20-minute spell of domination with Nick Ferraby's short corner strike putting them level.

But in a catastrophic three- minute spell before half-time Wayfarers again profitted from Hawks’ defensive frailties, scoring twice.

Hawks brought it back to 3-2 through Steve Collier.

A Wayfarers drag flick was brilliantly saved by Phil Hargraves.

The far umpire, however, had other ideas, overruled his colleague and awarded a penalty stroke to Wayfarers, which was duly despatched.

Wayfarers’ final goal was simply an administration of the last rites, which gave the visitors a somewhat flattering victory.

OTHER SCORES South League: Banbury 2nd 6 (N Best 3, G White, R Angus, T Page), Sonning 2nd 3; Harrow 2, City 2nd 2 (J Burke 2); Hawks 3rd 5 (M Lumb 2, T Wilson, A Moriarty, A Morr-ison), W Hampstead 3rd 1; Staines 4th 5, Banbury 3rd 3 (J Townsend, I Reynolds, R Thornton); Boyne H 3rd 1, City 3rd 1 (P Van Eck); Amers 4th 2, Hawks 4th 1 (J Rogers); Banbury 4th 2 (S Ralph, R Mellor-Brook), Bicester 2nd 0; Witney 2nd 6 (T Yallop 2, S Bates, A Birnie, C McGregor), Aylesbury 3rd 2; Witney 3rd 5 (F Barnard, J Wise, S Hodges, J Johnson, D Wollard), Bracknell 3rd 0; City 4th 1 (A Hall), Wokingham 4th 1.

EH 2nd XI Trophy: Banbury 6 (S Board-man 3, J Cooper 2, P Kellett), Wisbech 1.

Wessex Masters: Wimbledon 3, Hawks Senat 2 (E Baldock, M Crowley); City Bulls 3 (P Scragg, S Curnock, A Bell), Alton 1.

Other matches: Atherstone 7, Banbury 5th 0; Hawks Falc 10 (D Hughes 3, P Hall 3, S Griffiths 2, I Sobey 2), Havant 1; Birbeck 7, Hawks Fledg 2 (P Humphreys, N Rogers).

U18 Boys: Hawks 17 (S Chilvers 10, T Blong 3, C Bennett 2, J Murphy, D Black-burn), Richmond 0.