Brothers Martin and Dave Green hit 14 dolls each with an identical score of 5-5-4 for Black Swan as they took maximum points in their Greene King Oxford & District League Section 1 clash against Red Lion Eynsham, writes ANDY BEAL.

Black Swan set all three legs and won them fairly comfortably 20-13, 26-20, 27-18.

Steve Walton (3-6-5) bagged a 14-doll haul, including a six, as George A won 3-0 at Vikings Sports B with leg scores of 26-24, 27-20 and 28-18.

Kidlington Sports B put in one of their best performances of the season with Robin Cowley (5-5-4) banging off 14 dolls – but they still went down to a 3-0 defeat against Cricketers B.

The league leaders won the opening leg 28-24, before they smashed a massive 38 dolls in the next with Ivor Clarke, Geoff Townsend and Kevin Baker all bagging themselves a six in the process.

Cricketers wrapped up victory by taking the final leg 25-20.

Steve Bayliss (5-4-6) clanged off 15 dolls as George B beat White Hart 2-1 in Section 2.

George lost the first leg on three sticks after it was tied 21-21, but they demolished White Hart in the next two legs 24-16, 26-19.

Keith Skinner (4-4-3) bagged 11 dolls for White Hart.

Simon Jones hit his first six for Cricketers Littleworth as they won 3-0 at New Club B.

Jones ended up with 11 dolls as Cricketers took all three legs 24-18,17-17, 20-18.

John Webber (4-4-5) and Tony Bradford (5-6-2) inspired Turners Arms as they came from behind to beat Gladiators 2-1.

Gladiators won the opener 21-20, before Turners Arms stormed back to take the next two legs 28-22, 25-24.

Nick Chapman (5-2-6) was top dog with 13 dolls for Gladiators.

In Section 3, Red Lion B Eynsham scored one more doll than visitors Green Road Club, but still lost out 2-1, despite Alan Major (5-3-5) hitting a baker’s dozen.

Green Road won the first two legs 23-22, 21-15, before Lion took the last 24-16.

Phil Jackson (5-5-4) hit 14 dolls for Red Lion Garsington in Section 4, but it was to no avail as they crashed to a 3-0 home defeat against Whitmore Arms, who took the first two legs 17-14, 22-19.

The final leg went to a three-stick shoot-out after both teams hit 17.

David Reast hit a six in his dozen dolls for Whitmore Arms.

In Section 6, the first two legs between Red Lion Brill and White Hart went to three sticks after they were tied, before the latter came out on top 2-1.

Lion set the first leg with 19, but White Harts anchor man Jason Coates whipped off the four dolls needed to tie the leg, and then hit two to win the leg by the odd doll in the three-stick play-off.

Coates then repeated it again in the second leg, clanging off four dolls to tie the leg, but did not need to throw in the three sticks play-off as victory was secured before he was needed. Lion won the final leg 16-12.

Derek Slater (4-4-4) hit a steady 12 as Nelson A beat Brill Sports Club 15-12, 19-14, 17-15 to secure a 3-0 home win.

A rare six was hit in Section 11 by Headington British Legion’s Terry Cox as they came away from John Radcliffe Club with a 3-0 win.

Cox ended up with ten dolls in the 12-10, 12-7, 12-7 scoreline.


Premier & Section 1: Vikings Sports B 0, George A 3; Three Pigeons 3, New Club A 0; Six Bells C 2, Garsington Sports 1; Kidlington Sports B 0, Cricketers B 3; Black Swan A 3, Red Lion A 0.

Section 2: Six Bells 0, Dogwood 3; New Club B 0, Cricketers A 3; Gladiators A 1, Turners A 2; George B 3, White Hart 0; Cowley Workers 1, Chequers B 2.

Section 3: Woodman 1, Gardiner Arms 2; Red Lion Marston 3, Tiddington CC 0; Red Lion B Eynsham 1, Green Road Club 2; Highfield A 2, Cross Keys A 1; Donnington Club A 2, Quarry Gate 1.

Section 4: Red Lion Garsington 0, Whitmore 3; Masons A 1, Vikings Sports A 2; Fairview A 1, Seacourt Bridge 2.

Section 5: Vikings Sports C 2, Whitehouse A 1; King & Queen 3, Cowley Con Club 0; Red Lion Kidlington 3, Chequers A 0; Kidlington Sports A 0, Chandos B 3; Golden Ball B 1, Democrats 2.

Section 6: Six Bells A 2, Ampleforth 1; Red Lion Brill 1, White Hart 2; Queens Head 2, Northway A 1; Nelson A 3, Brill Club A 0; Marston British Legion 2, Team Monarch 1.

Section 7: Turners B 1, Barley Mow 2; Eight Bells 3, Unicorn 0; Crown B 0, Highfield B 3; Brill Club B 3, Ashton A 0; Blacks Head 0, Red Cow 3.

Section 8: Red Lion Wendelbury 0, Red Lion C Eynsham 3; Red Lion Islip 1, Jolly Sportsman 2; Red Lion B Cassington 3, Red Lion Wolvercote 0; Cricketers A 2, Golden Ball A 1; Chequers C 0, Gladiators B 3.

Section 9: Blackbird 1, Folly Bridge 2; Littlemore Rugby Club 2, Nelson B 1; Chandos A 0, Fairview B 3; Ashton B 2, Jolly Postboys 1.

Section 10: Rose Hill Club 2, Donnington Arms 1; Nutt Tree 1, Masons B 2; Chequers D 3, Jack Russell B 0; Catherine Wheel A 3, Red Lion A Cassington 0.

Section 11: Prince Of Wales A 1, Catherine Wheel 2; John Radcliffe Club 0, Headington British Legion 3; Cricketers B 2, Donnington Club B 1; Black Horse 3, Kings Arms A 0.

Section 12: White House B 1, Kings Arms B 2; White Hart 3, Priory 0; George 3, Kennington Club B 0; Jack Russell A 2, Black Swan B 1.


S Walton (George A), I Clarke, G Townsend, K Baker (Cricketers B), A Cross, A Goodgame (Six Bells C), S Bayliss (George B), S Jones (Cricketers A Littleworth), N Chapman (Gladiators A), T Bradford (Turners Arms), N Pratley (Woodman), D Reast (Whitmore Arms), J Bailey (Chequers A) C Disley (Queens Head), T Cox (Headington RBL).


R Cartwright (Gardners Arms), B Hyde (Red Lion Garsington), J Dixley (Democrats), K Ridgeway (Red Lion Kidlington), M McCarthy (Crown B), S Robertson, S Clutterbucket (Eight Bells), D Pirot (Unicorn), C Hendron (Blacks Head), K Lewis (Chandos A), J Franks (Masons), K Turner (Red Lion Cassington), S Fincher (Kings Arms A), I Mitchell (John Radcliffe Club), B Fullick (Headington RBL), C Hudson (Jack Russell), P Bradbury (Queens Head).


Premier & Section A: Fox 6, Berinsfield SC A 0; Abingdon Utd A 6, White Hart 0; Steventon Sports 5, Admiral Benbow 1; Cumnor CC 2, Spread Eagle 4; Tandem 3, Spread Eagle A 3.

Section B: Plough Appleton 1, Waggon & Horses 5; Dean Court 6, College Oak 0; Red Lion Drayton A 4, Abingdon United B 2.

Section C: Berinsfield SC B 2, Plough Long Witrtenham 4; Plough East Hendred 5, Marcham Ex Service 1; Red Lion Drayton B 4, Eight Bells 2; Abingdon United C 2, Red Lion Drayton C 4.

Section D: Hatchett 4, Crown Didcot 2; Fox Denchworth 6, North Star B 0; Wheatsheaf Didcot 3, Stanford FC 3; Flowing Well A 0, Bowyers Arms 6.

Section E: Spread Eagle 6, Horse & Harrow 0; Barley Mow 6, Abingdon Arms 0; Vine Cumnor 2, Chequers Charney Bassett 4.

Section F: Cross Keys C 3 Water Witch 3; Brewery Tap B 2, Old Anchor 4; George & Dragon 4, Cross Keys Wallingford 2; Wantage Town 6; Cross Keys A 0; Kings Arms 6, Fitzharris Arms 0.

Section G: Plough Sutton 0, North Star C 6; Black Horse A 2, Cross Keys B 4; Bear North Morton 2, Black Horse B 4; North Star A 4, Red Lion D 2.

Section H: Shoulder of Mutton 6, Plough Hanney 0; College Oak B 2, Flowing Well B.

Sixers: D Brown, P Wright, N Nuttall, P Champ, N Hamilton.