City of Oxford produced a series of fine results at the Regional Midland Masters Championships, held in Leamington Spa.

Chris Aust was the leading light, winning six gold medals and a silver – despite breaking a hand two weeks earlier.

In all, City had 11 champions, 19 silver and nine bronze medals, with five county records and 35 personal bests.

Bela Tiwari, twice, Alan Thompson, Maggie Smith, Roman Walczak and the 4x50m relay team were the other winners.


Silver: C Scotcher (4), D Hall (3), S Joyce (3), C Marsh (2), M Smith (2), B Tiwari, A Thompson, J Eaton, M Gomez, B Cuenca Grau, Bronze: J Eaton (2), D Hall, C Scotcher, C Marsh, M Gomez, K Fletcher, I James, B Oag.