Wallingford forwards coach Simon Henderson could not stop smiling this week after their superb victory over Reading.

The 18-15 win was arguably Wallingford’s best, coming against a side who were four divisions above them in 2006.

But it was particularly sweet for Henderson, who spent three seasons on Reading’s coach staff when they were a National League club.

“It was just fantastic,” said Henderson, who is known as Spike.

“It was probably the best game we have played since we have been at the club.

“We matched them with power, and they couldn’t deal with big Mike Turner.

“I said before the game that it was my old club, so let’s give it our best.

“But even I didn’t think we could win.

“Even today the lads have been emailing me and saying have you stopped smiling yet? I haven’t.

“These matches don’t come around very often.”

Henderson joined Walling-ford in 2006, and has played a big role in their rise up the leagues alongside director of coaching Chris Norrington.

“I didn’t fall out with Reading, but I didn’t agree with the way they were playing,” said Henderson.

“Ten of their players on Saturday were at Reading when I was there.

“I had been getting messages from them saying we are going to put 40 points on Wallingford.”

One thing that didn’t please Henderson was the Reading players’ post-match reaction.

He said: “It was disappointing that they just got into their cars and drove off after the game. We had put on a big spread for them.

“If they had beaten us by 40 points they would have been in the bar afterwards.

“We are going to send them all the jacket potatoes they missed in a big box!”

Eighteen-year-old Jackson Sayce kicked all of Wallingford’s point, and like most of their squad, he is home grown.

Henderson said: “On Sat-urday, he was hitting them from the halfway line.

“Most of that Wallingford side has come up through the colts. We have not splashed out with any big transfers.

“We should be fourth at Christmas in our first year in South West 2, which can’t be bad.”