Headington A and Windrush continue to set the pace in Division 1 following the seond round of matches in the Oxfordshire Five Disciplines League.

Headington dropped only half a singles as Becky Foster, Graham Speight, Dave Soa-nes and Corrinne Weaver dominated Abingdon A 249-205.

Abingdon’s Kathryn Schutterlin prevented the maximum 300 by taking the second game of singles 25-24 from Foster.

Windrush were hard-pressed by defending champions Colts and Co, each side winning two and halving one match.

The half occurred in the opening mixed as Neil Rowlands and Rachel Sayers won 25-23 for Windrush. Colts replied 25-19 through Ian and Alison Rose.

A surprising 25-23, 25-20 win by Chiaki Murayama over county champion Nicola Patrick saw Colts take the lead.

Easy wins in the men’s singles by Windrush’s Jon Bishop were immediately counteracted by a comprehensive women’s doubles victory by Colts pair Ian Ross and Murayama.

The result was sealed for Windrush when Bishop and Rowlands defeated Matt Jack-son and Ross 25-12, 25-17.


Round 2: Headington A 249, Abingdon A 205; Windrush A 205, Colts and Co 196, Radley and Oxford 233, Gosford Hill A 197, Feathers 238, Headington B 171.

Current rankings: Headington A 499, Windrush 439, Radley and Oxford 438, Abingdon A 433, Feathers 432, Colts and Co 409, Gosford Hill A 365, Headington B 339.

Nick Counsell and Dave Thornton were unstoppable as Oxford B edged out Park B 5-4 in Men’s Division 3 of the Oxford and District League.


Women’s Div 1: Evenlode A 3, Leys A 3; Gosford Hill 1, North Abingdon 5; Evenlode A 0, Windrush A 6.

Men’s Div 1: Gosford Hill A 7, North Abingdon A 2; Windrush A 8, Gosford Hill A 1. Div 2: Headington B 6, Leys A 3. Div 3: Oxford B 5, Park B 4; North Abingdon B 2, Abingdon C 7; Windrush C 0, Oxford University 9.

Mixed Div 1: Windrush A 3, Abingdon A 6; North Abingdon 0, Abingdon A 9. Div 2: Park B 0, Evenlode A 9; Leys A 0, Windrush B 9. Div 3: St Clement’s 0, Evenlode B 9. Div 4: Harwell 6, Abingdon B 3.


Div 1: Headington A 283, Wantage A 227. Div 2: Evenlode B 255, Harwell B 265; Evenlode B 251, Headington B 279; Park A 277, Headington B 236; Headington B 276, Evenlode C 221; Evenlode C 269, Headington B 256. Div 3: Berinsfield 218, Wantage B 270; Park B 186, Wallingford 299.

Mixed Div 1: Windrush 7, Abingdon 2; Wantage 8, Windrush 1.

Jon Ponsford took his three matches as Oxfordshire 3rd fell 10-5 to Warwickshire 5th at Eynsham in Division 5D of the Inter-County Champion-ships.

Ponsford was partnered by Will Green in his two men’s doubles games and by Anna Wareing in the mixed.

Oxfordshire Over 40s scored their first win of the season by edging out Worcestershire in a winning 6-6 draw.

A 14-13 in rubbers margin gave Oxon the win at Barnt Green.

Paul Casey remained unbeaten while the crucial fourth mixed was won by John Boyd and Judy Bendall.

Julie Bradbury and Nick Ponting, from Oxfordshire, took the individual mixed title and also helped England to score an 8-4 win over Denmark in the final of the Six Nations Team Over 40s event in Amsterdam.

Bradbury and Ponting plan to compete in the British Masters next month at Milton Keynes.

Middleton Cheney’s Jack Smith won the boys’ doubles at an under 15 gold tournament at Wigan, with a partner from Newcastle.