Oxford Cheetahs' manager was left furious with a referring decision despite his side rising to the top of the table after fighting back from eight points against Redcar.

The score finished 45-45 taking the night to a concluding super heat however, Cheetahs missed out on an extra point after skipper Scott Nicholls was penalised for a second starting offence.

Nicholls had already given him a previous warning in heat 9 and therefore he took his place in the re-run of the super heat off a 15-metre penalty.

While Masters led all the way, Nicholls could not make up ground on Danny King and Charles Wright, and with the 4-3-2-0 scoring for this race, Redcar won the super heat by 5-4.

Even though the result took Cheetahs top of the Cab Direct Championship Oxford team manager Peter Schroeck believed the super heat penalty "robbed" his side of an extra point.

He said: “It’s not the first time we’ve had problems with this particular referee and we will be taking the matter further.

"People should be talking about what a great meeting it was, not the performance of the referee.

“It’s less about the winning or losing the super heat, but more about the public being robbed of a race by the referee.

“It was a shame that the night ended like that because they were so many positives.

“You do get a point for forcing the draw and taking the race to a super heat and that point, along with the aggregate bonus point, has taken us to the top of the table.”