PETER Kioso has got his eye on playing international football, but will be patient for his opportunity.

Oxford United’s new 24-year-old right back is eligible for both the Republic of Ireland or DR Congo, with a family link making the latter his preference.

Kioso’s cousin, the Luton Town midfielder Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu, represents DR Congo, and the two even played together briefly for the Hatters.

During the 2023/24 campaign, Mpanzu became the first player in English football history to go all the way from non-league to the top flight with the same club.

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Kioso told BBC Radio Oxford’s The Dub podcast: “I was born in Ireland, but I qualify for DR Congo. My cousin plays for DR Congo as well, so I’ll probably be leaning to DR Congo more, just so I can play with my cousin.

“It’s good to see how his career has gone, being a Luton legend, and playing for them from National League to the Premier League.

“It was great for me when I was at Luton, that I played with him, and then I played against him when I was at Rotherham.

“It’s always good to see how your family is doing, and I can’t wait to play against him this season. Hopefully we can have one up on him.”

On his international aspirations, Kioso added: “Every footballer wants to play internationally and I’ve got a couple of my friends that I grew up with who are now playing internationally.

“It’s good to see because I’m happy for them, and I’m proud of them, because every footballer wants to play internationally.

“I know that my time is going to come for sure, and I know there have been a few sniffs at international football, but I’m not going to put pressure on myself.

“I know it’ll come at the right time, and it’s down to how I perform week in and week out.

“At the end of the day, I need to make sure I’m doing that when I’m playing for Oxford.”

Discussing his move to United, Kioso said: “I heard there were a couple of clubs interested, but once I heard Oxford were interested, for me it was a no-brainer because I knew what the club stood for, where they’re planning to go, and how they’re looking to move forward.

“As soon as I heard of the interest, it just made sense for me. I feel like I’ll be at home here, and that’s why I’ve done it.”

On the choice between full back and wing back, Kioso said: “I’d say I prefer full back more. I feel like I’m a defender first, and I actually enjoy defending.

“I prefer full back more, but when I have the other side of my game where I can get in at the back post and get in the box, playing wing back always helps. I do enjoy a cheeky header at the back post.”