AS I write this article, it is only a few days since Oxford United’s fantastic second leg away against Peterborough United, writes Oxford United Supporters’ Panel member Colin O’Toole.

Those last few days were epic in terms of the determined and disciplined displays of football that we all appreciate and admire from our players, but also capped what must be one of the craziest and most unpredictable seasons that I can remember.

Considering the ups and downs of the last eight months, we now have the chance to experience the thrill of seeing our beloved Oxford United stepping out ono the hallowed turf of Wembley Stadium.

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I personally remember many, oh so many, years ago when I was at school in North Wembley, we used to get free tickets to England games (are you listening Mr Football Association?).

The thrill of the seeing the stadium itself was electric. The atmosphere and sound of the crowd even from a couple of miles away, I can still sense almost 50 years later.

Obviously I was disappointed that the ground itself had four sides instead of the preferred three, but the feelings and sense of occasion of being there was unmatched, even now with the new stadium and facilities there still is a magical presence to the place.

Returning in 2024 with our team of heroes in yellow, led by our own ‘local hero’ Des Buckingham, is sure to be an emotional event for many, and is the result of many conflicting feelings over results that we have all had throughout this season.

The Peterborough games confirmed that the atmosphere created by us Yellows fans made a huge difference to the players and staff, and contributed to the day and hopefully the great performances we witnessed on the pitch. Every shout, every scream and every song all helped to express what our team means to us and helped drive the players forward.

Today will be the perfect stage to show what Oxford United means to us all, and our love for the unique brand of football that our boys can produce. With this in mind I would urge all fellow Yellows to fully embrace the day. Enjoy the build-up, check all the media updates, wear that old or new footy shirt, buy a yellow wig, get U’s tattoos… oops got a bit carried away there…

Occasions like this do not come along often. Next year, the U’s will obviously win the Championship, followed by Premiership glory and then making Champions League history, but it all starts on the today in North London against Bolton Wanderers.

While our players will be giving their all on the pitch, let’s make these memories for each other by creating a day to remember and cherish for years to come.

And if we win, we get promoted to the Championship.

As Del Boy himself once wisely proclaimed, ‘he who dares’.