WE had agreed to write this article the day after our play-off second leg and it occurred to me that if we lost, I’d have to muster some consoling words when I knew I would be on the floor, writes OxVox chair Paul Peros.

I was one of the poor unfortunates that missed out on a ticket despite being primed and ready at 3:45pm at a laptop. 1,300 tickets sold in a couple of minutes.

In truth, the sensible side of me said that whatever happened in the game, this season was an amazing one of progress for the club. Having stood last season on the terrace at Forest Green after the game, waiting for results to go our way, there is little doubt that we have outperformed most people’s expectations this season.

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Also, since the middle of the season we have seen a real change in how the club and supporters interact. Since the fans’ forum brought everyone together and opinions were frankly aired, we have seen a coming together of club and supporters.

A much-improved level of communication and understanding of fans by the club, coupled with an immense effort from dedicated supporters to lift the atmosphere at games.

At the same time, Des and the team started to click into gear. All of a sudden, we can see the plan, and what’s more, we like it. And then there is the progression of the stadium, which as we speak has had the lease finalised and has been signed.

So all good, lots of positives no matter what the result. Only, football is not quite like that, is it?

Oxford Mail:

For so many of us, it means so much that the rational becomes irrational. The mind wanders and dreams set in. I would have rallied and been stoic in time, but in truth football brings such joy to so many in Oxfordshire that I craved one of the ultimate footballing joys. Your team playing at Wembley.

So it was with a hoarse voice, a heavy head and a huge smile that I woke on Thursday morning knowing that 36,000 fans from the city, county, and beyond would be jumping on to trains and coaches and heading to the capital next Saturday.

Seasons like this, weekends like Exeter where we secured the play offs, and nights like Wednesday night light up our fanbase. A trip to Wembley captures the imagination of the whole county. The city will be yellow and blue. There will be a spring in the step and the fabulous shared experiences that we as supporters enjoy will permeate throughout Oxfordshire.

This club is so important to so many, but also to this county as whole. We stand on the precipice of the Championship and with the new stadium tantalisingly within reach. Fans will be flooding to the game on trains and public transport, and we will represent Oxford with pride.

How wonderful it is to imagine going to home matches in the same way and arriving at a modern, enclosed, all-electric stadium that embraces the Oxfordshire principles of excellence and innovation. Maybe having a dream is not such a bad thing after all.