DES Buckingham expressed his frustration at a mix-up which saw a replacement referee not miked up with his officiating colleagues.

After 12 minutes had been played of Oxford United’s goalless draw at Wycombe Wanderers, referee Simon Mather pulled up and was replaced by fourth official Marc Milson.

However, Buckingham said that following the change, the new fourth official wasn’t then miked up with Wilson for a period in the first half.

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“I’m frustrated with some of the decisions that I’m seeing, that are clearly not given,” said Buckingham.

“We had a change of referee due to injury, and the fourth official that came on, for a 20-minute period while the referee [Mather] was in the changing room, wasn’t miked up to the referee [Wilson].

“He kept agreeing that there were fouls, but couldn’t communicate that to the referee, that the fouls were there.

“Those things are frustrating because they’re simple things. You take the mic off the referee that’s gone in, and give it to the fourth official, but that didn’t happen.

“That was frustrating me, but you calm yourself down and keep control of yourself because you’ve got a game to manage.

“In the second half, I think there was a clear-cut penalty towards the end, that should’ve been given but wasn’t.”