Oxford: one of the most famous university cities in the world, with an international reputation for education and welcome as far back as 1190 when Emo of Friesland studied here. Now, over a third of Oxford University students are from overseas.

Oxford: globally renowned film location and fictional murder capital, with Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour investigating crime in and around the city. Set and filmed in locations which are part of our heritage, these shows have made our ‘sweet city with her dreaming spires’ familiar to millions around the world.

Oxford: a city that looks forward. A centre of research excellence which developed the first licensed Covid-19 vaccine, and whose university continues to top research tables.

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Oxford: home of motor car. The first Morris Motors car rolled out of the new factory in Cowley in 1913. Named the Morris Oxford, this car built on the brand value and reputation of the city. In 1959, the iconic Morris Mini-Minor was launched. Soon simply called the Mini, it was relaunched by BMW some 20 years ago. The Mini which sits over the production plant at Cowley is a familiar landmark on the Oxford ring road.

Oxford: home to Oxford United. Our club. Many of us have direct connections to the icons of Oxford listed above through work, through where we live, through our family and friends. Others, including fans located around the world, are attracted to Oxford through familiarity with its reputation and cityscape. Our overseas owners no doubt share this view of our club and our city. Their investment so far has delivered an outstanding training facility next to the car plant, and they continue to work towards a new stadium worthy of our county.

Oxford: home to Des Buckingham. Brought up in Cowley, in the shadow of the car plant, Des Buckingham perhaps embodies much of the city’s character. He clearly values education, having coached and taught in the county as well as holding a MSc in football coaching. His career started at Oxford United, yet includes several years’ experience overseas, from New Zealand and Melbourne to Mumbai. As head coach of Mumbai City, he won the Indian Super League earlier this year. I suspect that many of Mumbai’s fans will be buying iFollow passes to follow the progress of Des’ new-yet-old club. We welcome you as fellow supporters.

Oxford United: currently second in the league, our expectations are high, yet as supporters we also need to allow time for readjustment to the EFL and to Oxford. Let’s get out in force over the coming weeks to support the team and to welcome our new head coach. We may soon be singing: ‘We are Oxford, we are Oxford, Buckingham’s our king’.