OXFORD City Stars netminder Ross Miller admits it will be a strange experience when he first gives ice hockey advice to football legend Petr Cech.

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Cech signed for the Stars in June, with the Oxpens side set to be his third ice hockey team after retiring from football in 2019.

Miller meanwhile is heading into his fifth campaign with the Stars, and the Cardiff City supporter had to pinch himself when he first heard that Cech would be rivalling him for the goaltender jersey.

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He told this newspaper: “Being a football fan my whole life and playing in goal, it’s almost like it’s not real.

“It’s just bizarre. Then you meet Petr, and he’s such a lovely person.”

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On competing with Cech and fellow summer signing Joe Dollin for a starting place, Miller said: “It’s always good to have competition in any team-based sport, no matter what position you play.

“Obviously it’s a bit different for goalies because there’s only one net.

“It’s good to have someone to push you and challenge you. It’ll make him better and it’ll make me better.

“He brings a wealth of experience in the highest level of pressure there is. There isn’t a bigger stage than the Champions League final or playing in the Premier League every week.

“He’s going to bring that mentality to our games and our dressing room as well.”

Miller added: “Because he’s such a professional, he’s always going to be willing to learn.

“It’s going to be weird telling someone like him what to do, and giving him pointers here and there.

“I think there’s a lot we can learn from each other and that’s only going to benefit everyone around us.”

Stars head coach Simon Anderson highlighted the impact Cech will have on and off the ice.

He said: “We got the opportunity to sign him and you can’t turn it down.

“We played against him last year and he’s a very capable goalie.

“I think when you build a team, always build from the back out.

“It’s not just about his on ice presence, he’ll bring professionalism into the dressing room and be one of the leaders.

“Off the ice, when we’re signing people like Petr Cech, we want to be able to build our profile of the club.

“Last year, seventh spot wasn’t acceptable for me, but saying that, we were only five points off third so the middle pack of the league was really congested.

“We were only two or three wins away from being in that top three echelon.

“If we can be in the top four, I think that will be a really successful season for us.”

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