LEAGUE games took a rest this week, but the weather did not, as the pair’s competitions took place.

In the Oxford Pairs, played at two different venues, the five top doll scorers battled their way through to the semi-final play-offs.

Played at Six Bells Kidlington, holders Roger Goodall and Rob Bradford (The White House) started off with a 2-0 win against Jason Fox and Steve Ducker (Red Lion Kidlington), winning 6-5, 6-4.

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In the second round, they had a much tougher game against Andy Loveridge and Phil Simpson (Donnington Club A), who set seven in the opening leg. Goodall hit four in reply, with Bradford smashing off the five dolls needed to give them an early lead.

In the second leg, Loveridge hit three and Simpson five to give the Donnington pair a good set of eight. The holders were on good form as Goodall clanged off all six in reply and Bradford finished off the job by hitting the three dolls needed to snatch the leg by one doll.

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In the next round, they were pitted up against teammates Phil Austin and Mick Phipps, and again the holders had to be on top form to see them through. Austin and Phipps set eight, which normally would be enough to get through, but a four from Goodall and five from Bradford once again saw them through by the odd doll with nine.

In the second leg, Austin hit five but partner Phipps blobbed out. Goodall hit his second six of the night to see them through without Bradford having to throw.

Scott Thompson and Kevin Baker from Gladiators A had a comfortable first round win against Adam Williams and Yorkie Finney from The Blackbird 5-4, 8-2. They then brushed aside Ken Bradbury and Clive Proudfoot form Garsington Sports Club 2-0, winning the first leg 4-3 and the second 3-2, with Baker not needing to throw. In the quarter final against the pairs from North Leigh FC, Jeff Glenister and Paul Townsend proved to be no obstacle as they beat them 2-0 (7-4, 6-5).

Played at The Cricketers, Nigel King and Mark Poulter (Red Lion Cassington) were drawn against teammates Steve Rogers and Jez Thompson in the first round and brushed them aside with a two-leg win 9-2, 5-4.

In the next round against Ray Grant and Spencer Buckingham (North Leigh FC), it was a tighter affair as they had to rely on a three-sticker to see them though the first leg. Tied at 6-6, a set of four in the three sticks gave them a 1-0 lead.

A set of seven in the second leg was just enough as the North Leigh pair fell just one doll short with six. The quarter final against another North Leigh pairing, Neil Pratley and Charlie Buckingham, was tighter and could have gone either way.