CHAIRS of Oxford United fan groups are not surprised by the generosity shown by supporters to help each other watch their team.

Last month, the U’s announced the return of its Play It Forward scheme, an initiative which allows fans to donate money towards the cost of a season ticket for those less fortunate.

Independent supporter group OxVox has created a crowdfunding project to support Play It Forward.

Upon publication, online donations have already surpassed £1,300.

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OxVox chair Paul Peros praised treasurer Trevor Lambert for his work on the project, and told this newspaper: “It tells us and shows yet again why Oxford United fans are united.

“There are some amazing people who are involved in and around this club, and the community wants to help those around one another.

“For someone able to go to a game, it might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Oxford United.

“It’s a year of going to games, but possibly a lifetime of enjoyment and connection with the club.

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“We’ve done this before in different formats and we know it’s a very positive thing to do.

“It does and doesn’t surprise me how much has been donated already.

“Because of what a difficult time it is, it surprises me, yet it doesn’t because our fans come together whenever there’s a chance to help the community.

“However much we clash heads over formations and players, we come together at times like this.”

OxVox worked alongside the Oxford United Supporters’ Panel (OUSP) in this latest initiative.

OUSP chair Paul Scaysbrook said: “It shows the generosity of the fanbase that even in this cost of living crisis, people are looking out for each other.

“It’s about the club and being part of a family.

“People want to be able to go to games and if we can do that for them, it can only be a good thing.”

The launch of the Crowdfunder comes as United are set to find out their fixture list for 2023/34.

Peros said: “Everyone has a different game they look forward to but Reading will be the one everyone looks forward to.

“Everybody’s got certain games with seeing relatives or certain affiliations with another club.”

Scaysbrook added: “There are a lot of grounds you want to go to – Bolton, Portsmouth and the ones coming up from League Two. Each ground has its own individual draw and people have their own personal reasons.”

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