Monday sees the start of the new coarse fishing season on our rivers, so I hope you have all sorted your tackle and licences and are ready for the off.

Rivers around Oxford are still carrying a little extra water, but hopefully this should all run off in the next couple of days.

Due to work commitments and a holiday, I won't be going out until some time in July, when I will be popping up to the Warwickshire Avon to have a go at the barbel.

This winter will see me back on the Kennet and because I have enjoyed Marsh Farm, near Guildford, I will have the odd day there too.

  • MY latest outing was last Wednesday to Farmoor Flyfishers' Darlow Water after the trout.

I thought I would fish in the morning and then go back in the evening for the final training session run by Ken Day.

In the morning I fished the corner by the gate and I must have been doing something right as I had three takes, but none of the fish stayed on.

The evening was spent chatting and fishing, but without much happening, so I packed up and went for a drink.

  • I WAS sad to have to announce last week that Linear were closing four of their waters for a month because the carp are still suffering from the July 2007 floods.

The closure of Brasenose One and Two, Smiths and Hardwick is bad news as these Stanton Harcourt waters produce a lot of large fish for carp anglers from all over the country But the welfare of the fish must come first.

The good news it that Oxlease Lake will open again soon.

Meanwhile, pike anglers who want to fish the Richworth Linear series of pike matches need to get in touch with Basil Hopkins on 01993 704880 soon as places are filling up.

  • IF you have any news, views or photos, you can contact me on 01865 725606 or email