City of Oxford's youngsters put on a super show to steer the team to third place in the first round of the Milton Keynes Junior League.

The nine-year-old boys' age group led the way, with William Cross and Joseph Addy taking first in the 25m breaststroke and backstroke respectively.

They were joined by Hannes Hafstad and George Hudson to win the medley relay, while Addy, Hafstad and Hudson teamed up with Robert Kinnier-Wilson to finish third in the freestyle relay.

In the 12 & under girls' competition, Molly Williamson came home first in the 50m butterfly and second in the 50m backstroke, while Emma Lomas won the 50m breaststroke and was second in the 50m freestyle.

They were joined by Emma Sherwood and Mathilda Cannon-Shearer to finish second in the medley relay and third in the freestyle relay.

Lucy Smith, Elizabeth Oliver, Georgina King-Smith and Millie Royal reigned supreme in both the 11 & under girls' freestyle and medley relays.

Beth Melville took first place in the 10 & under girls' 50m butterfly.

Result: 1 Ealing 248pts, 2 Staines 245, 3 City of Oxford 182, 4 Maidenhead 131, 5 Aylesbury 120, 6 Crusaders 94.


9 & under girls: L Seaward (2nd breaststroke), K King-Smith (3rd backstroke); E Wood, L Seaward, K King-Smith, J Morris (3rd medley relay).

10 & under girls: C Strivens (3rd freestyle); B Melville, L Millington, C Strivens, L Gaen (3rd medley and freestyle relays).

11 & under girls: G King-Smith (2nd backstroke); L Smith (2nd butterfly).

12 & under boys: T Ruddell (2nd freestyle, 3rd butterfly); J Gosden-Kaye (2nd breaststroke); F Goodall, J Gosden-Kaye, H Bruce, T Ruddell (3rd medley and freestyle relays).

Boys/girls cannon: 3 I Rundle, W Cross, B Melville, F Clowe, L Smith, F Goodall, M Williamson, T Ruddell.