No-one said picking a Best United XI from the 39 players they have used this season was going to be easy!

There are countless different permutations, and the individual players listed here don't necessarily make up the best team (if that makes sense) What we asked for last week were 11 players who have shown the most consistency in their performances, in whatever formation you want.

Billy Turley and the regular centre backs, Barry Quinn and Luke Foster, are three easy names to write down.

I've gone for Michael Howard at left back, and although James Clarke is the better defender, Matt Day just edges it at right back because of what he offers with his long throws and goal threat.

This has been a remarkable season in that United have already used a dozen different strikers, several of them on loan.

Any U's supporter who went to Farsley Celtic or Merthyr Tydfil will vouch for the quality shown by Jordan Rhodes and the 17-year-old simply has to be included.

And with that in mind, it really has to be a 4-3-3 formation, with three forwards, rather than 4-4-2.

Although outstanding in his one start so far, it seems unfair to pick a player who has only had one game, so for that reason - controversially! - I am discounting Craig McAllister.

Justin Richards and Matt Green look the best two to go alongside Rhodes, with Richards taking the traditional centre forward role and Green and Rhodes either side.

So who in midfield?

Adam Murray is a definite, and although both have limitations, Eddie Hutchinson and Phil Trainer have had more effective than ineffective games and would add strength, with the left-footed Trainer giving it balance.

Of course, any selection is a matter of personal opinion. In many ways, Stefan Bailey deserves to be in the midfield, but he was only listed as a sub in last week's three-team line-ups.

Some might argue too that Michael Standing didn't do much wrong, and Paul Shaw's quality makes it seem harsh to leave him out.

But it's only a bit of fun. No two people are going to agree.

Congratulations to Sophie Roberts on getting closest to our selection. She wins two tickets to next Tuesday's game against Cambridge.