I can’t wait for 3pm today and our first home game of the season.

We take on Cambridge United this afternoon and as we saw last season, they are a really dangerous side to play against.

They have strengthened in their first season back at this level and it will I’m sure be a really good game of football – get along and support us if you can.

Preparation is key and we have had the benefit of a clear week with no midweek match.

We came in on Monday, went through the analysis from the game at Derby, and then we have trained really well.

We are still at the stage where players are all pushing to be in the starting eleven and things haven’t settled into a routine yet.

That means every player is pushing those around them and training has been of a terrific quality this week.

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The day before a game is all about the finishing touches.

The players know the team, we have worked on specific things for this particular game, and I usually sleep pretty well the night before because we have prepared properly and there is not much more I can do.

On a Saturday morning, I like to go for a run near home and then drive in on my own just to get my focus.

My family will usually come along to the game later, but I like that moment of peace before I get to the game.

There are usually one or two people around the ground for photos and autographs and then as soon as I get to the dressing room, usually at midday, I like to have a bath and try to relax.

I then get changed, have something to eat and then the players will start to arrive.

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Because of the preparation we have put in beforehand I have time to meet the sponsors and mascots – how nice to be able to do that after two seasons where we couldn’t because of Covid.

At one thirty I’ll talk to the media, at 1.45 I swap teamsheets with my opposite number, and then there is time to talk to the players ahead of their warm-up at around 2.20.

We will have one last chat just before kick-off and then I take my place in the dugout, and it is the moment we build everything towards kick-off.

Will I be nervous? No, not really.

It’s more about adrenaline and excitement than nerves.

I am so privileged to do this job, I am surrounded by good people who know their jobs inside out, and to come out and hear the roar from the fans is always a wonderful, proud moment.

Hopefully all that work pays off and we can get a win for you today.