The girls of Headington School took the main honours in the South of England Indoor Rowing Championships, hosted by Hinksey Sculling Club at the Park Sports Centre, Wheatley.

In a fundraising event for the Hinksey club, there were entries from as far as London to compete on the ergometers, but it was the girls of Headington who won five overall classes and the day's Victor Ludorum Trophy.

Other local success came in the form of four wins for the Hinksey contingent and one each for St Edward's and the Dragon School.


Women - J16: 1 H Chapman (Cheltenham), 2 E Passey, 3 T Seaton (both Windsor Girls). J15: 1 I Currie, 2 G Howard Merrill (both Headington School), 3 L Edwards (Putney HS). J 14: 1 M Glenn (Hinksey), 2 A Harry, 3 H Warner (both Headington). J13: 1 L Harry, 2 C Gibbs (both Headington), 3 S Allen (Putney HS). J12: 1 R Knowles, 2 H Tomlinson (both Headington), 3 B Reynolds (Putney HS). Team: J15: 1 Headington.

Men - J18 lightweight: 1 D van den Toren (Hinksey). J16: 1 G New (Hinksey). J15: 1 H Myatt, 2 D Manifold, 3 S Trinder (all Hinksey). J14: 1 F Myatt, 2 O Barrett, 3 T Swan (all Hinksey). J13: 1 T George (Dragon), 2 T Rimmer (St John's Beaumont, 3 C Gathercole (Carnmore). J12: 1 M Cooke, 2 B Morrison (both Carnmore), 3 A Urquart (St John's Beaumont). J11: 1 M Allsopp (Dragon), 2 H WQarne (Carnmore), 3 S Hamilton Peach (Dragon).

Team - J 15: 1 Hinksey. J14: 1 St Edward's.