EDDIE Odhiambo says there is more to come after committing to North Leigh for next season.

The Millers have confirmed the 36-year-old and his coaching staff will stay at Eynsham Park for the club’s first campaign in Pitching In Southern League Premier South.

North Leigh embark on their maiden season at step three of non-league after winning the Division 1 Central play-offs in dramatic fashion last term.

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It was a dream first year of management for Odhiambo and he is excited to continue – although he had to consider his life away from football first.

“It was a decision which had to be made in conjunction with the real boss at home,” he said.

“It takes up a significant amount of time, especially when you get a break and you see the value of being at home.

“It wasn’t a decision taken lightly, but equally promotion wasn’t the end and I want to see what else I can do.”

The former Oxford United defender will be supported by last season’s staff, including assistant boss and good friend Michael Alexis, first-team coach Aaron Woodley, analyst Conor Walton and physio John McDonagh.

Odhiambo added: “What I have at North Leigh is flexibility: I’m so well-supported by the staff around me.

“I know that Lex can carry on the message and do the job in my absence.”

North Leigh enjoyed a fairytale end to last season, reaching the play-offs after fifth-placed Welwyn Garden City were kicked out over ground grading standards.

The Millers won 2-1 after extra time at Berkhamsted in the semi-finals, before two late Jefferson Louis goals sealed a thrilling 4-2 victory at Ware to clinch promotion.

It created a buzz that will surely last beyond the start of the Southern League season on August 6.

Players cannot be registered for the new campaign until next month, but Odhiambo is confident of hanging on to most of North Leigh’s class of 2021/22.

“We want as many of the players as possible who got us up,” he said.

“We have to get a healthy mix. If someone gives me their word that’s good enough for me, but I’m not naive and know that players can leave.

“The most important thing is to have communication with the players.

“We know we’ve got to add quality because we’re going to a higher level.”

North Leigh do not start pre-season until June 28, but the work has continued through the day jobs of players and staff.

Odhiambo will still return refreshed, though, and hopes his squad will do the same.

He said: “My day-to-day life is completely different to football.

“When I’m at one I’ve got a break from the other, but I can transfer the skills from one to make me better at the other.

“The players have a break but keep themselves ticking over.

“We give them fitness plans to follow, so the footballs can come out on day one.

“Last season we trained two hours a week, so you have to plan your time meticulously.”