THE weather played its part as scores waned for those that played outside in week four.

Only one player, the New Club’s Andy Lewis, got into the top scorer’s column as he defied the odds and hit 16 dolls 6-6-4 at home to Gladiators A.

Lewis hit two sixes with his first two throws and was on course for a rare 18, however missed with his first stick of his last throw.

He still went on to clang off four dolls to guide the New Club to a 30-23 win in the first leg.

Gladiators came back well to win the next two legs 24-18, 21-17.

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Donnington C got their first win under their belt when they defeated a depleted George A side 3-0.

Another Andy Lewis, this time from Ampleforth Arms A, bagged himself a six but it was all in vain as they lost 3-0 to visitors Cowley Workers B 17-10, 22-18, 20-19.

Moving to an indoor alley, Premier pacesetters The Black Prince overcame a determined Swan A team, who narrowly missed out on inflicting the Prince’s first loss.

The Prince set and won the opening leg 31-25, with the Swan hitting back to level in the next leg 30-28.

In the final and deciding leg, Swan could only muster up a set of 21, with the Prince just sneaking past with 23.

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Section Two leaders The Chequers B tasted their first defeat of the season when Gladiators B came from behind to win 2-1.

The Gladiators set 19 in the first leg and in response, the Chequers left anchor man Harry Jenkins four to win, and he did not disappoint, clanging off the winning doll with his last stick.

However, that was to be their only success as Gladiators hit back to win the next two legs 21-18, 19-16. Suresh Patel threw well for the Gladiators with 11 dolls (3-5-3).

Mick Holton’s night started off disastrously as he failed to trouble the doll with a blob in the opening leg for Vikings A in their 2-1 defeat at home to Six Bells A.

However, he improved as the night went on hitting a three and six in his next two throws, but it could not stop the Bells running out winners 22-16,17-14, 11-24.


Section Three: Masons Arms A 1, Red Lion 2; George B 1, Donnington B 2; Vikings Club B 2, Cricketers Arms 1; Catherine Wheel 2, The Blackbird 1; Cowley Workers A 1, Ampleforth Arms B 2.

Section Four: Six Bells C 2, Six Bells Quarry 1; Duke of Monmouth 0, Red Lion B 3; Kidlington FC 2, Masons Arms B 1; Bletchington Sports 3, The Tandem 0.

Section Five: The Swan C 2, Littlemore Rugby Club 1; Golden Ball 0, Northway Club B 3; Cricketers Arms 2, White Horse 1.

SIXERS: A Lewis, 2 (New Club), S Walton (Donnington A), K Flynn (Donnington B), N Edmonds (Six Bells C), A Lewis (Ampleforth Arms A), M Holton (Vikings A).

BLOBBERS: A Hogg (Donnington B), B Smith, M Stimpson (Golden Ball), S Wormaid (Cricketers Cowley), J Whittingham (Duke Of Monmouth).

TOP DOLL SCORERS: 16 A Lewis (New Club).