KARL Robinson says Liverpool and Man City have taken football to new standards as his boyhood club missed out on the Premier League title.

Robinson grew up watching the all-conquering Liverpool side of the 1980s, but said the two north west sides have hit new highs in recent years.

Despite Liverpool beating Wolves 3-1 at Anfield, a thrilling comeback by City at home to Aston Villa ensured Pep Guardiola’s team retained their Premier League crown.

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Robinson said: “If you’re living in yesteryear, you’d argue the league is the single most important aspect and this [Liverpool] team has only won one.

“You have to get to three or four before you’re considered the greatest.

“But the counter-argument is the level of competitiveness in today’s Premier League is probably one of the greatest we’ll ever see.

“I’m infatuated with Thiago and what I love about Liverpool is the rotation and the fact they buy into the culture.

“For young fans to be living in this generation of watching City and Liverpool going toe to toe up until the last game of the season, we’re seeing football I don’t think we’ve seen in our lifetime.

“You should take the top 10 teams and call it a different game.”