WE asked readers where Oxford United most need to strengthen this summer via a poll on our website yesterday.

It was slightly unfair in that people could choose just one option, but I wanted to find out which position was thought to be most pressing.

With 185 votes overall it is only a snapshot of public opinion, but the results were interesting.

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Almost two thirds of readers prioritised a defender, with 37 per cent going for a full back and 27 wanting a centre back.

This is despite the fact that United’s defence is expected to undergo less turnover than further up the pitch this summer.

Returning loanee Ciaron Brown is the only senior defender to move on so far, although admittedly Elliott Moore and Steve Seddon have been linked with Bristol City. 

But the need to address the defence reflects a season where the U's topped the charts for goals scored and were only mid-table when it came to stopping them.

Equally, if the U’s are going to play a variant of 3-5-2 next term they will likely need to sign two attacking full backs and at least one centre back - especially with Sam Long more suited to a central role in that system.

The formation conundrum brings us to the need for additional forwards and wingers, which was the third most popular choice at 17 per cent.

Karl Robinson recently said he wanted to start the season with four strikers and if United can keep Sam Baldock that would be a huge boost, as they would have their front two sorted early in the summer.

Even so, the injuries to the ex-Derby County striker and Marcus Browne towards the end of the campaign showed why extra back-up in that position is crucial, even if the U's revert to 4-3-3. Add another striker to the shopping list, then.

You can put another winger or two on there as well, with Ryan Williams the only senior wide player after Gavin Whyte and Nathan Holland returned to their parent clubs.

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A world of multiple systems suits the versatile Australian, but a more direct, forward-thinking wide-man would be welcome to mix it up.

Browne can do that job, but you need another body if the former West Ham United man is also being treated as one of the four strikers.

The remaining votes were split almost equally between goalkeeper and central midfield, suggesting there is no single area readers are completely happy with. 

Perhaps that is to be expected in mid-May, especially when United are yet to announce their full retained list.

You also have to factor in possible departures, of course, which could force new positions to be prioritised if any gaps appear.

One thing is certain, though: it is all set for an exciting summer.