A LOOK at Oxford United’s stadium history tells us to expect slow progress when it comes to Stratfield Brake.

The club were looking for a replacement to the Manor Ground back in the late 1960s and it took more than 30 years to move to the Kassam Stadium.

Of course, I am not saying it will take that long for United to find a new home, particularly with their license agreement at Grenoble Road running out in 2026.

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But a project that impacts so many people will not be rushed through.

That explains why Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet only authorised 'detailed discussions' over Stratfield Brake to proceed, rather than formal negotiations.

Ultimately, the U's must convince critics that a stadium and the facilities it brings will benefit them.

The comment from one speaker at Tuesday’s meeting that United fans ‘hijacked’ the consultation was unhelpful, given that they had as much right as anyone to take part.

But if you are a Kidlington resident with no interest in football then the concerns around traffic and the environment are certainly valid.

Equally, it should be no surprise that the parish councils with a vested interest in Stratfield Brake will be sceptical until convinced otherwise.

There will be plenty of back and forth throughout the process, however long it lasts.

It is important all views are respected, as United will need the naysayers onside to achieve their goal.