WITH 11 days until the Sky Bet League One season starts, Oxford United still have work to do in the transfer market.

That is not just the view of Karl Robinson, but U’s fans too.

We asked United supporters on social media how they rated the club’s transfer business so far, from one (awful) to ten (could not be better).

United have signed Marcus McGuane, Ryan Williams, Billy Bodin and Steve Seddon, but Josh Ruffels and Rob Atkinson, two key members of last season’s back line, have left.

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All but five of the 24 responses were between five and seven, with the latter number the most popular.

Here, some United fans explain their thinking.

Joe Citrone: “Can’t give it any more than a 6 at the moment.

“I like the signings we’ve made, but still a fair bit of work to do before the squad is complete with the clock ticking.

“Two key players have also gone with possibly another now in Stevens.”

Andrew Taylor: "7. Signing Marcus McGuane, which feels like so long ago, was a signal of intent, along with three proven and solid League One signings.

“Another centre back and Gavin Whyte would be great business, as long as no-one else leaves.”

MeloYelo: “7 – we’ve signed some good players and at least some good money mitigates the loss of Atkinson, to an extent.

“However, more recruitment is still needed and at the moment it doesn’t look like we’ll have as strong a squad as last season.”

Luke Meehan: “5.5/10. Marcus McGuane – young, room to grow, positive; Billy Bodin and Ryan Williams – needed experience and depth; Steve Seddon – good player with experience in this league and above.

“Shame we lost Ruffs and Atkinson. Need a left centre back, left back cover, a centre midfielder and a couple of wingers too.

“Wouldn’t mind a ‘younger’ striker as well.”

Dorset Yellow: “5/10 – as it stands we are undoubtedly a weaker side.

“Even if we do get three or four more quality players, permanent or loan in now, it’s still very difficult to see how we will avoid another bad start to the season.”

Andy Montgomery: “6? Difficult to fully say, although I’d say that the current squad looks weaker than last season’s.

“Most Championship players won’t move to League One until they have exhausted options there first.

“Hopefully this is where we are targeting and the reason things seem slow at the moment.”

Daniel Cable: “7. We made a brilliant profit on Atkinson and re-signed a few players.

“Had a couple of good signings and our youngsters look good too. A couple more would top it off.

“We’ve just been through an awful year financially, we ain’t going to be signing Messi.”

Paul Hawtin: "7 - so far so good, more needed still. Signings look promising. Shame to see Atkinson go after only a year but Ruffels was always happening. Need to wave away these Jack Stevens rumours though, they worry me!"

Ian AKA Ian: "6 - I like our business so far but we still have key areas to bring in so those could send this score either way.

"I trust the scouting and recruitment teams but I’m hoping we don’t build on loans again."