TRIPLE jumper Nathan Douglas says Covid-19 has impacted his rhythm as he targets the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

The Oxford athlete finished in sixth place at the European Team Championships in Poland at the weekend.

He described his 15.88m jump as ‘frustrating’.

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“I enjoyed myself and it is great to be back in this environment at a major competition with fans actually here to make it an occasion,” he said.

“Obviously I need to jump better than that, I’m not really happy with the jumping.

“It has been a long time with the pandemic, it just seems to have knocked a lot of rhythm out of me.

“For me, as a triple jumper, I rely a lot on rhythm.

“You can see some people are able to get it together quicker but I almost feel like I am jumping myself fit.

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“So it is quite frustrating to see 15 metres on the board but I know I’m experienced and I have to stay strong.

“I’ve got to keep the faith and eventually things will click.”

Douglas recently took part in warm weather training in the USA, saying it was ‘nice to get away and get some quality training in’.

He added: “I’m probably going to do the Southern Championships next because I know I don’t have to self-isolate after competing there.

“Then it will be on to the British Championships and we will see from there.”