KARL Robinson says he will watch from the stands the next time Trevor Kettle referees a game he is involved in.

The Oxford United head coach was sent off for calling the Rutland official a ‘bleeping disgrace’ after Sunderland’s controversial second goal in last Friday’s 3-1 defeat at the Stadium of Light.

The Sky Bet League One fixture was marred by players and staff clashing in the tunnel during half-time and at the final whistle, with Robinson alleging U’s goalkeeper Jack Stevens was headbutted at the break.

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Kettle has since submitted his report, but the United head coach feels the referee’s version of events contains inconsistencies.

Robinson has clashed with the official before and pledged to remove himself from the touchline when they are next involved in the same game.

He said: “I will take to the stands when I see Trevor Kettle refereeing my team again. It’s that simple.

“I’m not criticising his performance, I’m just saying I will take to the stands and disconnect myself from that situation.

“There’s obviously something that has happened over recent years, or we don’t get on, but I thought what went on and what I’ve read in the report don’t add up.

“Industrial language is used not just by me but by him, yet I’m the one who gets punished.”

Aiden McGeady put Sunderland 2-1 up nine minutes from time, moments after the Black Cats took a quick free-kick with Cameron Brannagan down injured.

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Meanwhile, Robinson claimed Kettle missed the half-time incident, with the officials seen hanging back before entering the tunnel.

The U’s boss added: “Trevor Kettle thinks he’s seen what went on down the tunnel when he was still on the pitch.

“He shouldn’t lose his job, he does bring something to the game, but I just can’t get myself in any more trouble.

“The best thing I can do is take myself away from the situation.”

The FA is yet to announce what action it will take over Friday’s game, but the United boss wants to be able to move on.

Robinson said: “I think both clubs want this dealt with very quickly.

“We’re under no illusions that what went on at the end of the game and half-time wasn’t right from both parties.

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“I’ll accept the punishment for what I got sent off for, even though most of those things get said week-in, week-out.

“It’s the way I’ve been brought up, if I make a mistake I say sorry and accept the consequences of my actions, I move forward and I learn from that situation.

“One thing I certainly haven’t been brought up to do is to sit there like a sitting duck and not have a voice.

“We have to be respected, it’s a two-way street.”