THE win at Bristol Rovers on Tuesday got us back on track after losing at Doncaster last weekend.

We weren’t too far off track really: we played well enough to win that game but a couple of decisions went against us and then Doncaster were clinical.

They didn’t have that many chances but they put theirs away and we didn’t.

Ruffels: 7-0 defeat to Wigan ‘one of the worst games I’ve played in’

At the moment we are all driving by ourselves to away games, there’s no team bus.

I don’t mind that too much as it gives me time to think on my own and reflect on the game.

I wasn’t stewing over the result or anything like that but you do get left with your own thoughts a little bit.

Sunday was about preparation and then by the time we trained again on Tuesday morning, I think we were all focussed on the next game rather than looking backwards.

The reaction on Tuesday was fantastic.

We maybe weren’t at our best but we ground out a result and we found a way to win.

It was as cold as I have ever been at a football match and that presented a few challenges for everyone on the bench: there were a few blankets and handwarmers around I can tell you!

But it made it even more remarkable that Sam Winnall, Mark Sykes and Brandon Barker all had such a big impact on the game when they came on.

I couldn’t even feel my feet by that stage so I can only applaud their mental strength to go out there and play so well.

Wigan better than what league position implies, says Robinson

Rovers felt it right to change their manager the next day and it is unbelievable how many times we either play teams who have just done that or do it soon after playing us.

I feel sorry for anyone losing their job during what has been a massively testing season for everyone in the game.

We will play a Wigan side with a caretaker manager tomorrow – it would be typical if that changes by the time you read this, and we know it is going to be hard for us.

They have some really good players who will be fighting for everything just like the game at their place earlier in the season.

We won that one but it was tense in the last few minutes and there wasn’t much between the sides.