DAN Agyei’s displays on the left have given Oxford United boss Karl Robinson food for thought heading into the final few days of the transfer window.

Signing a quick, high-class winger remains the priority before Friday’s deadline.

Robinson has been adamant for weeks they should be a natural on the left flank.

But Agyei has impressed the head coach in that role during recent games, capping it off with a goal in the defeat at Gillingham on Saturday.

And with far more right-footed options available on the market, it has left Robinson mulling over what is really required.

He said: “I think there’s one player who was a stand-out –and he probably wouldn’t have thought he would play in that certain position – which is Dan Agyei.

“I think he was a real threat and one I’m really excited about what we can do with him.

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“He’s working hard, he’s listening to the information which is being given to him and he’s developing as a footballer. “

He added: “You can’t just have one player in your club that’s got raw pace.

“It’s a necessity we have another one.

“But we always thought about Dan playing off the right, so does that open the door for a right-sided player to come in now, because you know you have more flexibility?

“Right now, there are more wingers readily available on that side than there are off the left.

“We always speak about the ever-revolving wheel of recruitment.

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“You spin it one week and what it lands on could be completely different in two or three days’ time.”

Robinson saw good signs in the way Agyei was on hand to score at Gillingham - and believes the signing from Burnley has more to come now he is on a roll.

He said: "The pleasing thing is we were crossing from the left back position and our left winger ended up being inside the near post.

"That is a real striker’s instinct.

"I think Dan’s a real confidence player and the message to people is to stay on the positive side.

"It doesn’t matter how strong mentally you are there will be days when you question yourself.

"He’s one of those players that when he does he finds it hard to come back to that."