THE EFL have confirmed all league matches will be available for streaming when the season kicks off next month.

It is a temporary measure while clubs are having to play matches behind closed doors or at a reduced capacity due to coronavirus.

Any matches not shown by Sky Sports will be available on clubs iFollow service for £10.

Season ticket holders will have access to home games as part of their package, for as long as the restrictions are in place.

It is dependent on the agreement of the club involved, but United have confirmed their season ticket holders will get the affected home league games for free.

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The first round of the Carabao Cup – where Oxford United host AFC Wimbledon on September 5 – will also be eligible for clubs to stream on a match pass basis at £10.

It is understood discussions are ongoing regarding rounds two to four – where Premier League clubs will be involved – which will also take place before any spectators are allowed into stadiums.

The framework will be reviewed in October, at the point when fans are first scheduled to be allowed to return to stadiums on a strictly limited, socially distanced basis

David Baldwin, the EFL’s chief executive, said: “There is no argument that attending live matches is what the league, its clubs and fans want to see and, clearly, the overriding objective is to get supporters back into stadiums as soon as it is safe to do so.

“In the meantime, this framework allows our clubs, if they so wish, to reward their most loyal supporters by providing what we hope is only short-term access to watch their matches.

“It’s important that whilst the doors remain fully, or part shut, we ensure there is the ability for fans of all EFL clubs to be able to gain access and watch their team and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sky Sports for their support in this matter.

“Collectively, it’s not our preferred situation but given the circumstances COVID has presented us it gives us a temporary option whilst we finalise our plans for fans returning.”