KARL Robinson is predicting a hectic spell across the transfer market generally in the build-up to a crunch meeting on Thursday.

Clubs in Sky Bet Leagues One and Two are due to vote on proposals to bring in a salary cap from the 2020/21 season.

Oxford United are among those in opposition to the plans, which are proposing to limit those in the third tier to wage budgets of £2.5million.

However, if it was backed, any higher-paid players signed before the vote would have their wages calculated at the average for the division – which is at just over £110,000 per year – for the length of their contracts.

It means those League One clubs who have money to invest will get more bang for their buck if deals are done before this week’s vote.

When asked whether it equated to a mini-deadline day, Robinson said: “Yes, 100 per cent.

“I’m hearing once they vote it becomes almost immediate.

“A lot of things will be done and it’s going to be a really interesting situation.

“If you sign a player between now and then – this is how crazy this rule is – they just count as an average salary.

“You can get Matty Taylor now who is above the salary cap, but will fall into it if it gets passed.”

Whether United can add to their ranks in the next couple of days remains to be seen, but Robinson is pushing hard.

He said: “We’re back in (training) on August 12, so I’d like to think by then we will have two or three more, hopefully.

“If we can get the positions that I want sorted right away, then if the season starts we’re ready and have a team. That’s a good place to be.

“If the salary cap doesn’t happen, it will be prolonged.

“If it does then all of a sudden you can go and get these players on loan and you have an excuse why you can only players x amount.”

A change in the voting rules means those sides coming down from the Championship will now have a say, which will strengthen the position of those against the cap.

Another consideration if the rules did come in the limits on squad size.

Players aged under 21 do not count in the figures, but teams would only be allowed 22 senior players for next term, falling to 20 the following season.

As things stand, United have 19 who fall into that category, so it may restrict their plans.

Robinson said: “It would be a shame if this comes through and we have five or six shareholders that are very successful and all of a sudden that gets stopped.

“I think it would be very unfair on the reason why people invest in clubs.”