OXFORD United are still trying to figure out where they can hold a training camp this month, with four separate plans having fallen through.

After it became clear the changing coronavirus conditions in Spain meant their booking at the Marbella Football Center could not be fulfilled, they spent last week scouting alternatives.

Venues in Portugal and Croatia were pre-booked and then scrapped amid the evolving situation on the continent.

The problem appeared to be solved by a facility in Scotland, but the U’s were then contacted to say it was double-booked.

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For Robinson, who prides himself on organisation, it is proving a major headache just over a week before the players report back for training.

He said: “The world we live in right now is one of mayhem in terms of having an ability to plan.

“I’ve got an addictive personality to make sure everything is planned.

“For someone like me, this is a very difficult time. I hate not having a plan.

“We’re just having to go with the flow.”

The simplest solution given the extraordinary circumstances would be to stay at home.

But there are two issues with that, starting with United’s training ground near Horspath.

With the squad not meant to be around until the latter stages of pre-season, work is ongoing to install a new watering system on the pitches.

Minor refurbishments are also taking place in the main building, which makes it difficult for the U’s to use the site.

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Robinson is also reluctant to give up on the idea of going away, because of the numerous benefits such a trip can bring.

He said: “We’ve been to Abingdon and used different areas (in the past), but I like the fact we train at 6.30am, 11am and 6pm.

“So what, we find a hotel in Oxford so we can do that? It almost becomes impossible and it doesn’t feel right.

“I like pre-season to be horrible and hard.

“The other thing I’m big on is team spirit.

“I think it’s important when you go away for five or six days that you build relationships that last a season.

“Whether that’s the media team, the kit man, the No 9, whoever it is, we’re all together and build a bond that is hard to break.

“I see part of pre-season as creating friendships and stories that linger.

“That will be very hard to replace if you stay at home.”