OXFORD Cheetahs saw off Swindon Robins 49-41 in last night's virtual speedway derby.

Lubos Tomicek top-scored for the 'home' side at a virtual Oxford Stadium, coming on as a reserve to claim seven points from five rides.

While Swindon manager Lee Kilby had the benefit of six tactical substitutes, Cheetahs manager Spencer Timmo was picking blind all evening in the 'Virtual Skid' event broadcast live on YouTube.

Oxford started strongest and were 23-13 ahead when Polish star Piotr Protasiewicz crashed out while leading heat seven, which their rivals took 5-1.

But Cheetahs hit back to win the next heat by the same scoreline, Travis McGowan's brilliant ride putting him second to join Rafal Dobrucki.

The hosts stretched their lead to 14 points, before David Howe suffered a lost chain on the final lap of heat 11 while leading Swindon No 1 Leigh Adams.

Protasiewicz's absence weakened Cheetahs in heat 12 and they were forced to put out Tomicek in the following heat as their opponents closed in.

But the reserve's second place in heat 14 was enough to ensure victory, despite Robins taking their fourth successive 4-2.

Adam Skornicki took an action-packed heat 15, holding off Adams on the final bend of the last lap to ruin the maximum of the Swindon skipper.

It crowned a successful evening for Timmo, who picked 5-1s for his opening four races.

Cheetahs won the seven races he selected blind by 28-14, with Kilby taking the eight he selected 27-21 to Robins.

A virtual second leg at Swindon’s Abbey Stadium has already been suggested by the two team managers and agreed by Virtual Skid’s Barry Bishop, a lifelong Cheetahs fan.

It will take place on the Speedway Portal YouTube channel, with the date to be confirmed.