TALENTED, hungry and – for the majority – homegrown.

Oxford United’s newest intake of scholars are a mixture of those who have been in the system for most of their lives and others the club have fought hard to recruit after being released.

Dan Harris, head of the club’s academy, is looking forward to seeing how they develop.

He said: “Every year we bring a new year group in they need to be better to keep putting the pressure on the ones above them.

“That’s the excitement of a new cohort coming in.

“And six of the nine are local, which is great.”

Dan Harris introduces the U’s new recruits...

  • Eddie Brearey

Oxford Mail:


He’s a 6ft 2in modern day athlete and an unbelievable student of the game.

As a ten-year-old he was taking notes and he’s got an analytical brain.

Eddie’s been at the club for a long time, so is probably due a testimonial this year.

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  • Clinton Nosakhare

Oxford Mail:


Another local boy and one of the early wins we had.

There was a point where the best young players in Oxford weren’t playing for us, but Clinton’s one we got back.

He went on pre-season with the under 18s last year.

  • Mac Masters

Oxford Mail:


His family have a huge affiliation with the club.

We talk about one of our own and he’s dyed in the wool.

Every time he pulls that yellow shirt on it means something to him.

  • Elijah Coe

Oxford Mail:


He’s been at the club since he was eight and is a winner of the Kevin Durham award.

We didn’t offer him scholarship forms straight away and challenged him.

He stepped up, showing resilience which is great – we have to make sure we are finding young players with that innate desire within them.

  • Will Owens

Oxford Mail:


He only came in two years ago, but is a modern-day explosive wide man – Gavin Whyte-esque.

He’s played regularly with the under 18s already.

  • Adam Smith

Oxford Mail:


There was a lot of interest from other clubs in Adam, who played and scored in the FA Youth Cup last season.

He was released by QPR and is another one we fought hard to bring back in.

He went back to QPR at 15, scored a hat-trick and walked off with the match ball.

  • James Golding

Oxford Mail:


He’s a 6ft 2in modern day athletic defender.

As part of his trial he had to go to AFC Wimbledon, who he had spent a long time with, but he kept a clean sheet and was immaculate.

We always try to take two or three from the outside who we think can add something.

What I like about this group is every single player has a chip on their shoulder and have that burning desire to have a career.

  • Josh Anifowose

Oxford Mail:


He has been at Fulham and has already played in our under 21s in front of Karl Robinson.

To take a 15-year-old and throw him in alongside George Thorne and hold his own shows he’s got character.

I’m really excited about what he can be.

  • Ben Watt

Oxford Mail:


He had been with Tottenham all the way through and played for England Under 16s, but it didn’t pan out for him at Spurs.

We had to work hard behind the scenes on that one and he showed real composure when we put him in for our under 18s at Bournemouth.

He’s got a fierce determination to prove the world wrong. That’s right up my street.

We do believe we have a group there who will push the groups ahead of them.