OXFORD United boss Karl Robinson has made it clear they still want to play the remaining games if possible.

It has been reported the EFL will meet in the next few days to give clubs a vote on how the season ends.

The competition has been suspended since March 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With EFL chairman Rick Parry stressing last week the campaign had to be complete by the end of July, time is getting tight.

One report in the Athletic suggested a weighted points-per-game system was preferred to decide promotion and relegation if the remaining games could not be played.

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Under that method United would finish third in Sky Bet League One and earn promotion to the Championship.

But Robinson insists they will be voting to play on, if conditions allow.

"I think it's important the fans know what our decision will be," he told the club's website.

"I've heard so may rumours over the last 48 hours, seven days 14 days, well here's the rumours cleared up - Oxford United want to play.

"If it's safe, Thames Valley Police support it, the government allow, if the EFL want it and other teams want it then Oxford United's vote will be to continue the season at a date that's safe for everybody, understanding that if it gets to a certain date we can't spoil two seasons.

"We've also mentioned if people don't want to play, we respect whatever their motives are. 

"People might say our motives are we want to go up, which is why we want to play.

"But I'm also hearing there's different permutations where if we don't play we still could.

"We'd much rather play, it's that simple."

Darragh MacAnthony, chairman at Peterborough United, who would be one of those clubs to just miss out, has threatened legal action if the reports are true.

Robinson has proposed a solution if teams outside the promotion picture do not want to finish.

It would see the top ten face each of their rivals once in a play-off, but they would start on the points and goal difference already gained this season.

He said: "I think it's quite fair and gives everyone an opportunity.

"The longer it goes on the more I'm hearing there are less people who want to play, so it does throw into question what we think will be the outcome.

"It has sown a few seeds of doubt into my mind over recent weeks, but I'm preparing to play."

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